Adventure Time: The All Princess Edition! (OMD3)

AT Princesses Hand

Adventure Time is one of those aggravatingly wackadoo television shows that sounds like something I should love, and yet I always feel sort of idiotic after watching an episode, like I’m too dense to truly get the concept. I also feel this way about Napolean Dynamite, a movie I find puzzlingly un-funny. Adventure Time is just a bit too non-linear for me (it’s too non-linear for David Lynch.)

But on paper, Adventure Time sounds like a delight. Food kingdoms, weird supernatural happenings, back-talking kids? That should be television catnip for me! But until such time as I’m finally let in on the joke, I’ll have to confine my Adventure Time adventures to my nail art, where this acid trip of a cartoon can really shine.

Like, did you know that there are 50-some adorable princesses – many of them shaped like food! – in Adventure Time? Truly, there’s a princess for all tastes, from the Lumpy Space Princess, a blobby, shapeless purple puff with a diva attitude and a speech impediment, to the Bounce House Princess, who is quite literally an inflatable bounce house. Wearing a crown.

My favourite Adventure Time princesses, though, are the food princesses, a buffet of edible royalty with asinine backstories to explain why a toaster pastry is any kingdom’s sovereign. But they’re SO cute, and so when day 28’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge called for a princess, I decided to ditch the Disney for a bit and went with these yummy princesses, plural, from Adventure Time instead. Here I’ve shown, from left to right, starting with my index finger, Princess Bubblegum, the Frozen Yogurt Princess, the Cotton Candy Princess and the Strudel Princess. And on my thumb is my favourite Adventure Time foodie of them all, the Breakfast Princess, who wears a bacon crown on top of her egg white hair (she also wears a pancake skirt, which could be both convenient and exceptionally dangerous.)

Nyan Nyan Nyanko!

NyanHandShortly after university, a friend of mine went to Japan for a year to teach English, a time during which she sent home innumerable care packages of random Japanese products (the juice box – with a straw! – of saki is still a favourite), all of it inevitably emblazoned with some heartbreakingly adorable little cartoon critter with gigantic eyes and a tragic backstory (did you know that burnt bean curd buns can suffer an existential crisis? Well, at least the one on the journal she gave me could!)

The best things she ever sent me, though, were a couple of stationary sets printed with the Nyan Nyan Nyanko cats, or those cute little white kittens that always show up nestled in food, just like the feline feast I’ve shown here on these nails! I actually thought the Nyan cats were better known than they in fact are; a product of San-X, a Japanese stationary company, there’s distressingly little information online about Nyan Nyan Nyanko. Which makes no sense, because those cupcake pusses and tempura kitties are ADORABLE, and they should be as popular as Miss Hello herself.

Here I set the Nyan kittens up with a varied menu indeed, including, from thumb to pinkie, the aforementioned tempura shrimp and cupcake, as well as a buttery stack of pancakes, a fully loaded burger and a summery slice of watermelon. Num num, Nyan Nyan!