Oh, Kermie! (31DC2014)

Oh, Kermie!The Disneyfication of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge continues with this Kermit-inspired mani that proves that sometimes it really is that easy being day four’s theme of green.

I have lots of fond, Muppets-related memories of hunkering down with my parents for a half hour of boomerang fish, crotchety old men and – my favourite – Pigs in Space, but when I hear the name Kermit I actually think of this green pea, mint and leek dip I once served as part of a Mother’s Day tea. It sounds like it would both taste and look quite disgusting, but I assure you that when sprinkled with a smattering of pine nuts and shaved parmesan and served atop a toasted crostini, it’s quite delicious and unexpectedly elegant. Although that still didn’t stop MY mother from loudly exclaiming that it looked like “pureed Kermit on toast!”