Legacy Collage

Okay, so we had to come to one of these Polish Me Silly multi-chromes that I’m not completely spun for eventually.  Might as well be the one the colour of Clark Griswold’s station wagon – the non-wood paneled parts, that is – a shade identified as either Electric Pea or Electric Pee.  And as it turns out, both are pretty apt descriptors for this polish!

Legacy is one of those polishes that regrettably presents as completely different in photography than in real life, a difference that spills over into the slightly misleading photos of Legacy on Polish Me Silly’s website, which show a cool-toned yellow foil that shifts across lush shades of grass green and sea blue.  Legacy’s reality is actually a brassy, greenish-gold frost that reminds me of the colour my 13-year-old brunette locks turned the summer I discovered Sun-In (to paraphrase a line from Buffy, in every generation there is one…who will so ignorantly and horribly damage her hair with bleach, it’s lucky she didn’t burn every follicle straight off her scalp.)  Its colour-shifting effect is also nearly totally non-existent, and displays nowhere near the sparkling yellow-to-sky blue range as shown in its photos.

But no mind (or little mind), Legacy is exactly the kind of polish that I will find endless uses for.  That’s the way it always works with me.  Hand me something gorgeous and I’ll use it a couple of times a year, but hand me a polish the colour of baby poo and I’ll find a way to work it into every manicure I do for the next year and a half.

But aside from my ability to turn lemons into lemonade here, Legacy is just not on par with that of its Mega Multichrome collection mates.  Legacy applies nicely, with that same phenomenal liquid satin-type feel as its sister polishes, but it dries down to a too-streaky frost finish that highlights every single imperfection in and about your nails, including ones you didn’t even know you had. That combined with the colour mis-fire makes this one Legacy I’m not terribly keen on continuing.

Legacy Fingers