Frame It

Frame It

Filed under “better late than never,” these nails represent my fourth, and final, submission in the January N.A.I.L. Challenge. And yes, I realize it’s now February, which makes this tardy manicure quite apropos – I was sick for the majority of January and every single thing I did was ever so slightly behind schedule, so this mani should prove to be no exception. That the challenge is now closed is besides the point – I’m just glad to get these finished and finally complete something I set about to do this month (right, last month)!

The theme for the final week was border manis (highlighting the edges of your nails.) I chose to go with a framed look, a technique I haven’t done that often and which continues to vex me so. In fact, this is an exact re-do on a manicure I did many months ago and didn’t post out of embarrassment. But I’m pleased to see that these turned out better than expected and certainly better than their predecessors, so up on the blog they go!

Here I bordered my nails with my favourite black, China Glaze’s Liquid Leather, over top of China Glaze’s white-based rainbow glitter bomb, It’s a Trap-eze! Between the solid black outlining and the shimmery, multi-coloured glitter, I think they look quite cartoony.

New Years Eve Glitz

New Years Eve Glitz

Happy New Years Eve, fellow bloggers and nail art aficionados! Wherever you hang your party hat tonight, may you stay safe, revel responsibly and copy these nails for yourself – you’ll be the glitteriest girl at the party!

To get this look, I layered one generous coat of rainbow holographic glitter, Ozotic’s 528, over top of one coat of basic black, China Glaze’s Liquid Leather. Then I created a glitter “gradient” by applying a glitter topper, OPI’s Polka.Com, just to the tips of my nails, spreading it upwards towards my cuticles ever so slightly for that gradual gradient look.