I Shoes You! (OMD3)

Shoes Collage

That these nails, a manicure inspired by a favourite pair of shoes, turned out so well has come as a rather delightful surprise. Sometimes when you just randomly start sponging polishes onto your nails, as I did here, things can go a bit pear-shaped. But at the risk of sounding abhorrently pretentious, these nails came about in a really organic way where I just knew which polishes were going to recreate the look and feel of my favourite Nine West pumps, and that’s exactly how it happened. Zero drama! And I think this manicure – nothing more than four polishes sponged one atop the other – is a pretty solid ringer for the real deal, right down to the lightly textured sparkles.

So down to the nitty gritty! Although this manicure is actually not gritty at all, even though we’re dealing here with at least one textured polish. 😉 I started off by laying down two coats of Glam Polish’s Lydia, a purple duochrome stuffed with indigo blue sparkles. After it had dried, I sponged on one light coat of what I call the reverse version of Lydia, Glam Polish’s Wednesday, an indigo blue duochrome speckled with purple glitter. Inspiration then struck, and I decided to go the textured route, sponging on, again, one light coat of OPI’s Liquid Sand in Get Your Number, an ice blue textured polish stuffed with silver holographic glitter. Finally, I – yup, you guessed it! – sponged on one very light coat of Hard Candy’s Mermaid Magic, a teal micro glitter speckled with purple hexes.

Shoe Squad

I toyed around with the idea of painting a frame around the edges of my nails – my shoes, after all, are edged in metallic purple piping. But sometimes it’s best to quit while you’re ahead and not let things get too needlessly complicated. I think that’s something we should all shoes to do more often, don’t you?

Shoes Fingers

Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of UsHere at Finger Candy HQ, one of my favourite high impact, low effort manicures is to top a gorgeous base polish with a brushed-on gradient of sorts in a rich, complimentary-hued glitter jelly. It’s one of the easiest nail art techniques out there, requiring nothing more than two polishes and a steady hand, made easier and prettier by the glitter jelly, which is smooth and glossy and makes the glitter look like it’s actually embedded in the polish. It’s such a quick and dirty technique, it’s almost annoying how little time it takes to yield maximum results, and absolutely no one will believe your mani only took you 20 minutes!

Here I went for a top-down gradient of Deborah Lippmann’s rainbow glitter-packed purple jelly, Let’s Go Crazy, over Glam Polish’s plummy Lydia, daubing on a light, not-too-goopy coat of Let’s Go Crazy right up at my cuticles and extending it about halfway down my nails. I try to keep the gradient light and almost drippy-looking as it moves down my nails, although there’s absolutely no requirement that you try to form the jelly polish into actual drips, as it will naturally tend to do that all on its own.

I wish I had more wisdom to impart on the subject of glitter jelly gradients, but I think, like the manicure itself, I’ll adhere to the principle of KISS and say no more (no, not rock ‘n roll all night and party ev-er-y day – Keep It Simple, Stupid!)Just the Two of Us Fingers