Intergalactic Board Shorts

Intergalactic Board Shorts

I’m going to ask you to work with me on this one.  I promise the disconnect between this post’s title and its content is not as great as it may seem!

This manicure started off life as one inspired by this Intergalactic bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics.  Cute, right?  And very visually striking, with its streaks of neon yellow and hot pink (which, when combined in your tub, make for THE most gorgeous, rainbow-hued bath art.  I have yet to use one myself, so I can’t speak to the effect beyond a lot of photos I’ve seen, but the smell is 100% grandpa, or bracing, musky man.)

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Anyhow, Eau de Grandpa notwithstanding, I decided to recreate those simple neon slashes on my nails, atop a base of rich, super saturated turquoise (Ceramic Glaze’s Mermaid’s Tale.)  Except, for reasons that continue to elude me, I declined to actually brush on the pink and yellow polishes, opting instead to dot them on in an almost floral pattern, horizontally across the centre of my nails.  That, combined with the areas where the pink and yellow overlap, creating a tropically-hued gradient, and all of it atop that crystal clear turquoise base?  Total board shorts.  Turquoise, floral print board shorts on a faceless silver mannequin in the window of PacSun in the Salmon Run Mall. Next stop?  Corn Dog on a Stick (for mozzarella cheese sticks, thankyouverymuch.)

Told you it (sort of) made sense!  All the same, despite the fact that the colours are all wrong, and so is the effect, and this manicure looks absolutely nothing like an Intergalactic bath bomb, whatever these nails are, I like them.  Lemons/lemonade.

Too Much?

Ring Pops Bottle

Well, this is just a whole load of manicure!  But I do love the ultra vibrant combination of Candy Lacquer’s Ring Pops glitter topper over Ceramic Glaze’s shimmery turquoise Mermaid’s Tale.  I’m also so over THE RETURN OF WINTER (at half measure, true, but with the end thisclose and just in sight, today’s snow and freezing rain feels like a big setback) and this is my way of rebelling.  TAKE THAT, idiot winter!  Feel my well-manicured wrath and TREMBLE!!!  Or just continue pissing icy, sleet-y, dangerous-to-drive-in stuff all over my city this Easter weekend.  I guess that works, too.

Ring Pops Fingers