Twas the Day After Pinkmas

Pinkmas 2

I love the pastel approach to Christmas; my dream Christmas tree is actually a rosy pink artificial behemoth covered in soft white twinkle lights.  One day, my pretty, one day.

But for now I’ll content myself with my admittedly pretty dope, food ornament-covered tree (also a bit of a behemoth, though getting on in years) and this festive glitter polish, KB Shimmer’s Merry Pinkmas (also getting on in years; you can see a bit of the separated whitener that’s settled at the bottom of the bottle.)  I think it looks a bit like Strawberry Shortcake in a bottle, and it’s one of my favourite old glitter polishes to bust out around the holidays (it also sees a bit of action on Valentine’s Day; can’t ever go wrong with that pink and red combo.)

Pinkmas 1

Pink Peppermint Swirl!


With, um, a wintergreen accent nail?  So remember a while back, the last time I did a water marble manicure, I mentioned that despite dropping the polishes into the water in the exact same order each time, every nail came out looking completely different than the one beside it? Well, here’s a great example of that particular problem – pink peppermint on one side, lime green jello on the other!  Nail art goal for next year: Water marble designs that are identical on each nail.  So basically, watch this space in 2017 for updates on my journey to the centre of nail art insanity.

The glitter polish I used here is KB Shimmer’s Merry Pinkmas.  It’s very Strawberry Shortcake-in-a-bottle and never fails to remind me of holiday ribbon candy.  Yum!


Merry Pinkmas!

Pinkmas Bottle

Today I have another seasonal pick from KB Shimmer, this time Merry Pinkmas, a blogger collaboration shade from their 2013 winter holiday collection.  Created in conjunction with Cristina of Let Them Have Polish, a blogger and nail artist probably best known for her all-pink approach to the holidays, Merry Pinkmas is a bright pink crelly loaded (and I do mean loaded) with hex, square and circle glitter in an eye-popping assortment of green, pink, white and red hues.  It’s super sugary sweet and reminds me of beautiful Christmas ribbon candy.  I purchased my bottle last year when KB re-released Merry Pinkmas as part of a greatest hits holiday mini collection.

But a word about all that glitter.  It’s plentiful, and can make application a pain.  Even going slowly and polishing carefully, I had issues with the glitter bunching up on itself.  Two thick layers of topcoat will be necessary.  I used only one for this manicure, and you can regrettably tell – my index finger in particular looks like it might actually be coated in crushed ribbon candy.  Which is a look, sure, but not quite the one I was going for, no matter how much I might like it when my nails look like candy!

Pinkmas fingers

What’s Old is New Again

KB Winter CollageAs part of their winter 2014 collection, indie polish maker KB Shimmer re-released a handful of crowd pleasers from last year’s holiday collection. The ghosts of nail polishes past, if you will. I held out last year, not yet fully comprehending the meaning of the term “limited edition” as it applies to the world of nail polish (also known as “Get it now, now, NOW because in two days it’ll be gone forever and you’ll regret it, and oh lord, this is so stupid, it’s nail polish, but you should get it now, now, NOW because…” Repeat ad nauseam.) But liking last year’s polishes more than this year’s, I decided to concentrate my purchasing power on the re-releases, which nicely complement one of KB’s wintery polishes from last year that I already own.

First up we have All Decked Out, a mix of rainbow hex glitter and gold star glitter in a moss green jelly base that I refer to as “Christmas tree in a blender.” That description is actually pretty apt.All Decked Out Hand

Next is Snow Much Fun, a fun, frosty-looking polish from last year that never actually seemed to leave the regular rotation. This is another one I have a cute little name for, this one being “Frozen in a bottle” (all fun trademark infringement aside, with its icy blue base, tiny holographic sparkles and sweet little snowflake glitter, this polish could be the official nail lacquer of Arendelle.)Snow Much Fun Hand

Third in line is another re-release, this one being the ultra girly Merry Pinkmas. I love its super colourful palette of glitter against the neon baby pink base. The whole thing resembles my dream Christmas tree (a pink tree covered in ornaments the colour of this glitter mix, simply enough. Although not so simply, as pink Christmas trees are a thing that just don’t seem to exist. Merry Pinkmas will have to do for now.)Merry Pinkmas Hand

Finally, we have Snow Way!, a baby blue polish sprinkled with different sizes of white hex glitter and holographic micro glitter. This one reminds me of those furious little snowstorms that spin themselves out of nothingness on otherwise crystal clear, blue-skied days.Snow Way! Hand

KB Shimmer’s polishes are available through their own website, but if you’re a Canuk like me, I’ll direct you to Harlow & Co.‘s site for all your KB needs, which, based on these fun polishes, could be considerable!

Ribbon Candy

Ribbon CandyThese nails, inspired by KB Shimmer’s peppermint-hued, re-released holiday polish, Merry Pinkmas, remind me of ribbon candy, that odd, not particularly yummy but truly beautiful Christmastime sweet your gran probably had scalloped-edged bowls of dotted all about the house come the holidays. Not my jam, but I appreciate the artistry that goes into creating a box of the delicate candy – so pretty! But if you’re thinking to yourself that my accent ribbon nail would have looked lovely as a water marble, hey, me too! I’m SO ahead of you! But after redoing that one nail three times, I made the wise choice to preserve what little sanity I had left and went with a free-handed design instead. I don’t think it looks much like ribbon candy (not enough bendy loops), but those sugary colours are really lovely together and offset Merry Pinkmas so beautifully, I ain’t complaining.Ribbon Candy Bottle