Rose Gold Minnie

Rose Gold Minnie Collage

It’s a holiday long weekend here in Canada (it has an official, civic name, but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be called the Because It’s the Middle of the Summer and You Need a Day Off Day) so I’m up early finishing off an event in a game I play on my phone called Disney Emoji Blitz.  It’s your pretty standard match-3 puzzler, but themed to cute little emojified Disney characters (you have never seen anything as cute in your life as Heimlich from A Bug’s Life all squished up into a wee little emoji.)  You collect and level up the characters as you play, and there’s periodic themed events where you can win new characters and collectibles.  This long weekend I’m playing for Figment the Imagination Dragon, and I’m feeling pretty good about my chances given that I only just recently did some Figment nails.  That has to be a lucky sign!

Last weekend’s event was the big show for me, though, with a rare Rose Gold Minnie on offer.  Rose gold has been a persistently popular colour with Disney, showing up on everything from sparkly Minnie ears and apparel, to housewares and accessories.  Makes sense that it’s now making an appearance in Disney’s games, with this sweet Rose Gold Minnie making her way to me last weekend (twice, actually, in a super rare twist of good luck, and gratis, as well – I’ve been saving up my earned in-game currency for just such an event, pun intended.)  I was as happy as if I had actually done something involving a useful skill!  And then I put my happiness on my nails. 🙂

Rose Gold Minnie 2

Rock the Dots

Rock the Dots 1

I saw that Minnie Mouse received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the other day!  Good on her; you know she’s the brains behind the whole “Mickey ‘n” situation, and someone’s got to wrangle whatever the hell Goofy is. 🙂

I really like how this manicure turned out, particularly Minnie herself over on my thumb.  Typically my attempts at cartoon or animated characters are, appropriately enough, comically laughable – horribly misshapen, off-brand nightmare fuel.  But Minnie looks pretty decent, so I’ll take it!

Rock the Dots Collage

Ears to You

Ears to Us, Eh! Ears

Or ears to me!  Or would it be ears for me?  At the very least they were purchased by me.  And usually only worn by me, although I’m clearly not opposed to sharing.

Ears to Us, Eh!

I was on-property at our resort, the Port Orleans Riverside, approximately seven minutes before I had snapped up this glittery Vintage Minnie headband.  I’ve always, always wanted to buy a set of mouse ears, but headbands and I have historically been no bueno – they pinch the sides of my skull in a way that provokes instant headaches in this already headache-prone person.  But I was on a mouse ears mission, and I could not say no to this vintage-style set, with its shimmery, sequined polka dots and ultra trendy rose gold bow.  Also the cute little flower that sproings off the middle at a charmingly daffy angle.

Mouse Ears

But did they hurt?  Actually, no, they didn’t.  I didn’t get a single headache from either set of ears I purchased (the others being the Sally ears my husband is sporting in the picture above.)  Toward the late afternoon I’d begin to feel a little tenderness behind my ears, but nothing unmanageable, and no headaches!  I credit the ample padding in the band.  And also a lot of mind over migraine matter, because I really wanted these ears!  As did everyone else; they had just hit the resort shops, but had not yet been released to the parks.  Over the first couple of days of our vacation I was stopped by probably two dozen people asking where I got them.  Yup, that’s right, you’re in the presence of mouse ears greatness!  Impressed yet? 😉

And as always when I’m charmed by something, I put it on my nails!  To mimic the sequins on these ears, I used two glittery textured polishes, OPI’s blue Get Your Number and Nicole by OPI’s pink Candy is Dandy.  Super cute.

Ears to You, Eh! Nails

Disney Girl Challenge: Minnie Style (31DC2014)

Minnie StyleI’ve already done a Minnie mani as part of my ongoing Disney Girl Challenge (and here’s another!) but that one focused more on Miss Mouse au naturel, as Mickey’s well co-ordinated plus one in all her red and white polka dotted glory. But Minnie’s also partial to pink, and so for today’s theme of dots in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, I thought I’d tackle’s Minnie’s periodically preferred pink polka dotted dress, along with a thumb’s worth of her namesake glitter, OPI’s Minnie Style.

Disney Girl Challenge: Minnie Mouse

Disney Girl Challenge: Minnie Mouse

It occurred to me today that over the course of 30 some-odd Disney-themed manicures, I’ve yet to tackle the OG grand dame herself, Mickey’s lady love, Miss Minnie Mouse. So I set about rectifying that lapse in judgement by whipping up these nails, which draw heavy inspiration from Minnie’s iconic red and white polka dotted bow. And as an extra meta touch, the glitter I used here is OPI’s red and white Minnie Style from last year’s Couture de Minnie Collection.

Too many years ago now my parents and I went to Disney World and visited Mickey’s Toontown, which was the kids area in the Magic Kingdom where the wee ones could ride a giant caterpillar coaster travelling at a rate of approximately half a mile per hour, or walk through Mickey’s quaint and cartoony family home. My parents and I, of course, being the perverts we were and continue to be, spent the majority of our walking tour trying to spot the encroachment of Minnie’s belongings into Mickey’s territory in an effort to figure out just what the heck their relationship status was anyways. I can tell you that there were giant yellow high heeled shoes in the closet, which…I mean, I guess it could go both ways, you know? That Mickey’s an enigma (and I’m a pervert; you can’t say you weren’t warned.)

Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb

If someone were to ask me what I thought was the best part of my new-ish nail art hobby, I’d have to say it’s all the pretty glitters. Because the average adult just doesn’t have that many opportunities to bathe themselves in glitter unless they’re Ke$ha. Or a stripper. Or both.

I got my sparkle on here with OPI’s Minnie Mouse-inspired Minnie Style over Essie Plumberry, with a little mouse head accent finger action for good measure.