Smitten With These Mittens

Smitten Mittens Hand OutsideWhen I was a kid I had THE most perfect pair of mittens. They were beautiful – iced turquoise (like the polish I used in this manicure, Smitten Polish’s Glacial Springs) to match my snowsuit, knit through with tiny pink hearts and little white dots. They were part of a matching hat-and-scarf-and-mitts set, and I adored them for the, oh, 36 hours I had them in my possession before I left one of them (as well as the hat and scarf) in the change room at figure skating, after which they disappeared from my life forever. I really loved those mitts (the whole set, actually, but I’ve always been a mitten person), and it’s most vexing that I lost them whilst partaking in an activity I bloody HATED (hey Mom, hey Dad, is this the first you’re learning of how much I despised that one year of figure skating? The things your children neglect to tell you, right?) I was a pretty active kid and took dance classes for the entirety of my childhood and young adulthood, but I just loathed figure skating and it never, ever stuck. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I really would have preferred skipping the stupid bunny hops (also known as “falling on your ass hops”) and keeping the mittens. I hope their thieving new owners gave them a good home (minus one…)

But you may be glad to know in the intervening 30 or so years I’ve pulled my act together quite substantially, and I no longer require my mittens (and purses and wallets and, in one particularly egregious case, my childhood teddy bear) to be stapled to my person in order for me to remember they’re there. It really only took me leaving my purse behind in a Florida chain restaurant in my early 20s for me to snap out of that bit of thoughtless stupidity (fret not, I got it back, as well as the teddy bear many, many years earlier, both instances owing to the kindness of a couple of quick-thinking (and acting) waitresses who I guarantee you we did not tip enough given their ultra good deeds.)