PB&J For Mother’s Day!

Mom PBandJ Fingers

Small tip: Unless you are giving your mother this lovely nail polish, Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s jammy-looking Peanut Butter and Jelly, and unless you are aged six and under, the phrase “peanut butter and jelly” should not factor into ANY Mother’s Day celebrations. Trust me on this one, friends – BREAK OUT YOUR BIG GUNS.  My mom’s a pretty cool lady, but even I know one does not skimp on Mother’s Day.  This evening my husband and I are hosting my parents here for a late dinner and a movie, but the other day my mom and I played hooky and took in a so cute (and very funny) showing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, complete with mini Snickers bites, so at least that part’s sorted!

I hope you, too, are having a nice one with your moms today, if you’re able.  I’ve always lived in the same city as my mother (and often within walking distance, at that) AND we have a close relationship – as such, I often forget that other daughters and sons do not enjoy the same. So I hope you are indeed having a happy one, hopefully just enjoying each other’s company.  Go to a movie!  Stuffing your mother full of chocolate bites works WONDERS. 😉

Mother PB and J Bottle

The Dessert Tray

Around these bloggin’ parts, I don’t just love nail art designs that put the candy in Finger Candy, I also adore all of the many, many polishes that remind me of sweets, which, in fairness, is most of them – I can find (non-edible) yumminess in just about any tiny-n-toxic bottle of lacquer!  For your Sunday perusal, here is a photo gallery of some of my favourites. No nibbling on your delicious-looking nails, now. 🙂

Gecko Green

Gecko Green Collage

Here at the tail end of Earth Day (at least according to my time zone; WordPress Standard Time is telling me we’ve already moved on to the 23rd) I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a polish I recently picked up that reminds me so much of nature – either the skin of a gecko (hence the title of this post) or indeed, the lush blues and greens of planet Earth.

Gecko Green Fingers Side 1

This is Polish Me Silly’s Dreamer, a multi-chromatic colour changer from their Mega Multichrome line.  These polishes are so gorgeous, both in terms of colour shift and formulation (they glide onto your nails like satin) I don’t understand how they fly under the radar like they do.  There should be mad rushes on these polishes, wailing and lamentation in the streets by frustrated would-be shoppers (actually, no, I can totally do without the lamentation; I detest the “ninja fast” approach to online shopping.)

But luckily for you and I, Polish Me Silly doesn’t seem to engage in those sorts of retail shenanigans, and there’s lots of these gorgeous multi-chromatic lacquers to go around. And Dreamer is just the most beautiful and unique addition to the line, a rich chromatic that morphs from grass green, to jade, to turquoise, to navy and then back again.

Gecko Green Mega Fingers

The bottle I’ve shown in these photos is a generously sized mini and retails for $7.50 US. All of Polish Me Silly’s lacquers are actually available in mini sizes, which gives you the option of trying out a whole handful of terrific polishes without total investment in a full size bottle.  You can find Polish Me Silly’s fantastic lacquers on their Etsy site here, and you can also always browse around my archives and see some of the fun looks I’ve come up with using Polish Me Silly’s multi-chromes and more!

Gecko Green Bottle

Jello Shot

Jello Shots Collage

Shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Shots, shots, shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Ugh, actually, no, let’s skip the shots – I simply can’t handle that kind of debauchery at my advanced, dinosaur-like age. I learned that the hard way this past Christmas when I met up with some old high school friends and we partied, well, like it was high school (which is to say wantonly, and with very little regard for compatible alcohol flavours – fireball whiskey and champagne totally go together, right?)  I was hungover for about three days afterwards, and even talking about it now is making me feel slightly unwell.  The upside?  There were no jello shots involved that evening.  Had there been (particularly the jello shots I made in university, which were, for real, 50 percent hard alcohol) I probably would have wound up in the hospital.  Egads, my jello shots were pure, fruit-flavoured poison!  There but for the grace of a 19-year-old’s constitution nearly went I and all my friends unfortunate enough to have choked the things back.

Jello Shot Fingers

So having established that I’m a pretty big wuss around alcohol now, you can see why this Jello Shot – another fabulous pick from ILNP, this time a glittery, holographic jelly – is right up my alley.  Jello Shot is the first jelly-type holo I’ve purchased from ILNP, and it’s utterly fantastic.  The formula is spectacular – a rich, glossy jelly that dries down to a smooth, squishy finish in three coats – as is the colour, a sheer, cerise pink glaze sprinkled with holographic micro flakes.  And the things Jello Shot does in the sun?  Incredible!  The term “nail porn” was made for polishes like this one.  Best of all, there are no photography tricks at play here – that bonkers rainbow holo effect is completely unfiltered, because that’s how Jello Shot looks all the time in direct sunlight. So gorgeous! Hmm, and most likely less poisonous than my actual jello shots…

Jello Shot Bottle

I Love ILNP!

Paradox Collage

Clearly, as my last two posts have featured a new-to-me ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) beauty. So here’s another one!

This is Paradox, another pick from ILNP’s Ultra Chrome Flakies Collection, this time with an added dash of holographic pixie dust.  I love the way the colour-shifting flakies – here in an assortment of fuchsia, purple, turquoise, blue and even a bit of gold – catch the light and morph across the whole rainbow spectrum, while the holographic shimmer twinkles prettily in the background.  I will note, however, that the two types of polishes ILNP has combined here – holos and chromatic flakies – are not totally compatible.  Holos always do their best work in the sun, while chromatic polishes like to stick to the shade – betwixt the two, there’s just a whole lot of eye-searing brightness and glare.  But!  The holographic shimmer in this polish is so fine – a true powdery shimmer as opposed to individual bits of micro glitter – it shows through loud and clear, even in indirect lighting, and the flakies are not so CHROME! that they’ll take your head off in the sun.  Now that is a pretty great polish.

Paradox Fingers

The other day a reader asked if these flakies stick up off the nail after the polish has dried down.  No, not a bit. I realize in some of my photos it does indeed look like there’s an edge or two poking up, but as any good blogging lacquerista is probably aware, there’s an odd trick of the light at play here – in photography, glitter polishes, no matter the type, always sort of look like they’re trying to escape from your nails.  But no, completely smooth.  And best of all, unlike foil or iridescent-type flakies, these chromatic flakes remove with all the ease of a creme polish – simply swipe them off with regular polish remover and they’re gone.  Beauty.

Sunny Fingers


Mega Bottle

Ooh, who’s a pretty girl then? This polish, definitely this polish, ILNP’s silver stunner, Mega, and the newest addition to my pile of holographic hotties.

Mega Fingers

Orly’s Mirrorball, a silver holo sprinkled with iridescent glitter, was last year’s pick for Most Valuable (Holo) Polish, though I never much cared for its sallow yellow tinge against my predominately pink hide. So I was delighted to find this ILNP beauty, a smooth and sparkly silver that leans towards a most flattering icy blue.

And the holographic effect? Second only to Color Club’s Crystal Baller in terms of rainbow-throwage – this mega polish really lives up to its Mega name!

Mega Collage

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Collage

Here’s another fabulous polish from ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) to add to my collection of favourite’d flakies, chromatic rainbow flakie polish in overdrive, Ferris Wheel! ILNP’s flakies are pure polish perfection, so I had no doubt that Ferris Wheel would be as great as the handful I already own.  But Ferris Wheel proved to be an unexpectedly wonderful surprise in that its colour-shifting chromatic flakies are scattered as opposed to linear. That means when you tilt the bottle about, the colour-changing rainbow effect comes at you from every individual piece of glitter as opposed to one linear, colour-shifting piece of the whole.

Fabulousness aside, I have no idea why this polish, released during last year’s winter holiday season, is called Ferris Wheel.  All I know is I’m delighted every time I look at it to be reminded of the television show The Goldbergs, which I watch on a semi-regular basis because Barry “Big Tasty” Goldberg, a 17-year-old aspiring rapper/kung fu master/basketball superstar, is my everything, particularly the self-funded music video he made for his breakout R&B sex jam, Ferris Wheel (“Gurl, whatchu doin’ in that sexy hangin’ basket?”)  Heh.

Ferris Wheel Bottle

Gaze Into My Crystal Ball

Blue Baller Collage

I’ve been quite bereft of creative nail art ideas lately, and so I thought I’d fall back – some might say spring forward – to some straight up rainbow holo nail porn, get this weekend party started right!  This polish, Crystal Baller from Color Club’s top of the line holographic collection, is the one I so very, very badly want to call Blue Baller.  It takes every ounce of my dirty minded willpower not to, actually.  So thank goodness this polish is just gorgeousness personified, because it sort of has a naughty name (no, it doesn’t, I’m just a big pervert!)

But just look at this polish!  What sorcery is this that puts rainbows IN A BOTTLE?  It’s too, too beautiful.  If it wouldn’t, I’m assuming, goop all up and immediately head to Funkytown, I’d just keep the bottle out on my desk, in the sun, and let it do its holo thang.

Holo Fingers

You can find Color Club’s holos – the most sought after of any of their polishes, I’d say – through a number of different international stocklists, including Nail Polish Canada.  But you’ll need to stay on top of any restocks if you’d like to snag a bottle, because these polishes fly off the shelves.  And deservedly so – they are beautifully made, and the holo effect is second to none.  So shop smart, shop early if gazing into your own crystal ball is telling you that you really need this polish!

Blue Baller Bottle

Second Star to the Right, and Straight on ‘Til Birthday

Second Star Collage

As tomorrow is my birthday (and no, I’m not going to disclose how old I am; a lady never tells, particularly when the lady is thisclose to a major life milestone and feeling perhaps a bit freaked about it?) I thought I’d get a jump start on my birthday beauty with this manicure featuring one of my favourite lacquers, Glam Polish’s Peter Pan-inspired Straight on ‘Til Morning.

Second Star Fingers Shade

I loveity love love this polish and its similarly formula’d collection mates, Wednesday and Lydia, rich scattered holos stuffed with shimmery micro glitter.  The colour-bending glitter gives these polishes – particularly bluey-purple Straight on ‘Til Morning – a super cool, nearly sequined type of look, full of depth and visual interest.  Sublime, and the perfect manicure with which (on which?) to grow another year older, if I really must, and I suppose I must, as I haven’t figured out a way to stop the clock…yet. 😉

Second Star Holo Fingers

That’s One A-Peeling Kitty!

Kitty Collage

With the unwelcome return of the snow and the fact that once again, things around here are beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I thought it would be fun to close out the work week by taking a closer look at a polish I received over the holidays and had yet to try out, a non-toxic, peel-off, kid-friendly lacquer branded to the queen cat of cute, Hello Kitty.

Licensed by Kitty’s parent company, Sanrio, manufactured in China by who-knows, distributed in the United States by a company called Par Townley Inc. and sold in Ardene accessories shops across North America, the etymology of this polish could not possibly be less clear.  It actually doesn’t even have a name, just a sad identification number – HK02325C.  It sounds silly, but I always feel sort of bad for unnamed polishes.  Like, why does this one over here get a quality pun while this other one sounds like a Stormtrooper’s rank and file? All that to say I went into this little swatching experiment with some caution.  When you don’t quite know what you’re dealing with, it’s wise to step lightly.

First, that gigantic, unwieldy-looking Hello Kitty on the top of the bottle IS the brush.  I initially thought I wasn’t going to be able to use it, but as it turned out, the figure fit both comfortably and snugly in my palm, and I had no problems whatsoever.  If anything, it applied better than any polish I’ve ever owned, remaining precisely where I applied it, the oddly-shaped, but fantastic, brush laying down consistently neat, sharp edges. Clean-up was a breeze, too, because there were virtually no boo-boos to erase.

Kitty Brush

Which is super news, because formula-wise, this one was a bit of an odd duck, and it did not take well to clean-up.  Formulated with lots of things beginning with the prefix “methyl” and ending with a jumble of vowels I can’t understand, this polish is labelled as both non-toxic and peelable, eliminating the necessity to use harsh (and poisonous) polish removers on tiny, tender hands (or large, tender hands, for that matter.)  It’s a nice touch, and indeed, this polish peeled off very well, although without a base coat, it did temporarily stain my nails bubblegum pink.

Apeeling photo

In terms of application, I was initially THRILLED.  HK-whatever-the-heck went on so beautifully, and in one coat, no less!  And with none of that unpleasant, “traditional” nail polish smell either (this one smells very much like tempera paint, which it essentially is.) But after allowing that first coat to dry down, I noticed lumps, bumps, humps and knicks ALL over my nails.  Like the polymer-based product it is, it had almost FUSED to my nails, very much like a nail strip, and worst of all, it was highlighting every imperfection from my thumb clear across to my pinkie.  It had also dried down to a completely shine-free finish, which I was not going to stand for, because I like shiny things!

And so I topped it with a layer of Seche Vite, and that, kids, is when I ruined my manicure! Because that’s just what happens when you top something non-toxic with something that contains possibly all the toxics.  In fact, in a couple of places (most notably on my middle finger) you can see where the topcoat almost ate away the polish beneath.  Adding the Seche Vite also completely changed the colour of the polish, morphing it from a beautiful, cool-toned raspberry pink to a warm, orangey coral.  In this side-by-side comparison, you can really see the difference pre- and post-topcoat.  It was just the oddest thing.

Colour Collage

Though no more odd than the fact that nail polish remover does not seem to work on this stuff, balling the polish into an unpleasant, gummy mass that you have to wipe off your nails.  Which meant that when it came time for clean-up, I was quite glad I had done such a good job at applying this polish in the first place, because spot touch-ups were simply not going to happen.  Total peel-off removal, though, as I mentioned, was no more difficult than peeling off a nail strip.

All told, I don’t think this is a polish I’d use again.  The colour (well, the first version of the colour) is fantastic, the bottle is adorable and that weird little Kitty brush does its job so very, very well.  But formula-wise, I can’t recommend this one, because it’s kind of a mess.  And that’s regrettable, as I think there’s a large, untapped market out there looking for safe(r), non-toxic alternatives to more traditional beauty products.  But as with all things, the quality must be there, and this sad, unnamed Kitty regrettably falls just a little bit short.