Needs More Unicorn

Lisa Frank 1

My interpretation of Lisa Frank styles, extra heavy on the neon rainbow animal prints, which I’d just like to proudly point out were totally free-handed.  That’s why I’m not sure if I’ve got a tiger print here or a zebra one.  What I am sure of is that I’m ultra super proud of these nails, even if to truly be Lisa Frank-inspired, they need a heck of a lot more unicorn.  Funnily enough, I DO have a unicorn nail charm, but it’s gigantic – my bitty little nails can’t handle her girth, and besides, I didn’t want to cover up all this neon animal print goodness. 🙂

Lisa Frank 2

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism

Neon roses.  Neon leopard spots.  The formerly white, now neon inside of your parents’ washing machine that time you tried at-home tie dyeing (holy crap, weren’t they pissed?!)  I have no idea what this manicure is supposed to be!  But I do know this has quickly become one of my favourite non-technique techniques – just grab a whole pile of bright colours and go abstractedly buck wild.  Happy weekends, y’all, I hope they’re as delightfully fun and random as this mani.

Eye-Searing Citrus

Citrus Smoothie Fingers

Bright!  So bright!  Just a simple, super vibrant combo here of a couple of unnamed neon jellies topped with Candy Lacquer’s ultra fruity Citrus Smoothie glitter topper.  In real life, this manicure is a touch more yellow and a smidge more pink than it’s showing in these photos – with apologies, neons can do some very strange things to a camera’s colour correctness.

Citrus Smoothie Bottle

Neon Snow

Neon Snow

These nails are a direct reaction to today’s weather, which apparently has called for apocalyptic snow.  Forty-two centimeters of the stuff, actually, setting a one-day record for snowfall in my city.  This would be relatively un-noteworthy (in Ontario, we get multiples of these kind of storms every winter) were it not for the fact that I’m caring for a friend’s home while they’re away on holiday, and that includes their driveway. Also not particularly noteworthy, but for the fact that I live in an apartment condominium, and I am hopelessly rusty at the “art” of slinging snow.  As in I haven’t done it in about a decade.  And now I’m about to shovel roughly 8,657 pounds of the stuff, to say nothing about the crusty build-up the city plows leave behind at the end of the driveway, and that’s all assuming I can even get near their house in the first place…okay, better take a pause here.  Think I’m working myself up into a snow shoveling-induced panic attack.

Nails!  Back to the pretty, pretty neon nails.  I actually had to take these photos inside, because outside on Hoth, it’s a marshmallow world that is unkind to photography – my flashy neon pink was reading a rather sickly orange, and that just won’t do.  Dump all the snow on me you want, world, but leave my neon pink manicure ALONE!!!

P.S. I took this photo eight hours ago when things were still somewhat manageable.  I just sent my friend an e-mail that simply read, “I hate this f*cking place.”

Snow Pic