The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water 1

Neptune nails.  Both in terms of inspiration, and also the unbelievably gorgeous base polish I used here, Enchanted Polish’s Neptune.

Shape of Water 2

Also, given The Shape of Water’s best picture win at this past Sunday’s Oscars, it seemed an appropriate time – nay, the only time! – to make this “In love with a fishman” Disney joke.  Good lawd, that Triton is jacked!  His arms-day routine must be nuts.

Mermaid Collage

Holo and Chrome

Holo Gradient Dots

With thanks to the pair of duochromes I used in this simple dotted manicure, Enchanted Polish’s Entwined and Neptune, this vertical gradient looks like I used a whole handful of gorgeous colours – purple, plum, green, teal and the barest hint of navy blue, and all of it enhanced by a smattering of silver holographic dots. Cute!

Holo Gradient Side

Great Neptune’s Beard!

Neptune Collage

If we are to go by Johnny Depp’s beloved interpretation, pirates err on the side of being more than a touch metrosexual – rascals, devils, thieves, yes, but in want of a nice manicure?  NEVER.  So I think any pirates in search of a fun new hue would yo-ho, yo-ho all over this drop dead gorgeous lacquer, Enchanted Polish’s turquoise-to-indigo duochrome, Neptune.   A watery-hued cousin of another favourite Enchanted polish, plum-to-purple duochrome Entwined, Neptune features a subtle green-to-blue colour shift that reminds me of gently rolling waves.  Its smattering of delicate holographic glitter really aids in the whole “briny deep” feel, glimmering softly in Neptune’s teal depths like phosphorescent plankton. It’s really quite spectacular.  Big, beautiful recommendation on this one.

Neptune Holo Collage

Neptune Fingers Front