Whoopie Fingers

I do believe this is the most randomly-inspired manicure I have ever attempted.  Behold, my polished tribute to the fluorescent green, purple and periwinkle skirted formal jumpsuit Whoopie Goldberg wore to the 1993 Oscars!  There were also matching shoes.  Random, of course, because that’s actually a pretty accurate description for the “Genie goes black tie” dress she wore (a photo of which you can see here, courtesy of Us Weekly) and also because, well, Whoopie Goldberg?  Or, more accurately, a single dress worn by Whoopie Goldberg over 20 years ago?  Although I must say, cracked out Genie look notwithstanding, the colours in her embroidered jumpsuit (did I mention the jumpsuit part was embroidered?) and duster overlay were stunning, and she looked gorgeous.  Whoopie should garb herself in manic jewel tones all the time, methinks.  Just like my nails!

Whoopie Hand