Easter Weekend

Easter Header Photo

Loveliest of Easter weekends to you, friends.  Being not so religious, as well as hailing from the kind of small, WASP-y family that does things like vacations in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, my Easter weekends typically involve travel and a whole lot of outlet shopping.  Or they did when I was a kid; my mom and dad and I – “us is the flamily” – passing horse-drawn Amish buggies on the road, catching fireflies in the parking lot of the motel, buying ultra preppy oxblood penny loafers at the Bass outlet and scarfing endless plates of incredible fried chicken at the restaurant where the waitress didn’t even blink when I said I wanted mashed potatoes and gravy as all FOUR of my sides. Those were really great vacations. 🙂

But this Easter weekend I’m home, simply enjoying a few days off from what has so far been a rather busy April.  Quite a few social events and a new-ish exercise regimen that keeps me hoppin’ like a bunny.

Speaking of, here are a few items guaranteed to put a spring – and THE Spring – into the Easter Bunny’s bounce.  Remarkably, these are all things I pulled from around my apartment.  I didn’t have to go rummaging in seasonal storage for anything.  So when I was joking a month or so ago that it’s always Easter in my apartment, I guess I really wasn’t joking?!

My favourite speckled egg wreath makes another appearance here, alongside, on the left, some very cute little cracked egg votive candles, a neat stack of Peeps-scented wax tarts from Yankee Candle, an actual Peeps-shaped wax tart from The Bathing Garden in Keep Your Temper, and KB Shimmer’s Where My Peeps At, which is pure Easter in a bottle.

Easter Photo Left Side

Then over on the right we have a gigantic, three-part Chick ‘N’ Mix bath bomb from Lush (there’s a cute little bicarbonate bunny inside the huge chick), a speckled wax robin’s egg from The Bathing Garden in Blackberry Fudge, a clutch of pastel Reflections markers, a wee little ceramic cupcake perfect for hiding tiny treasures, another Peeps-shaped wax tart from The Bathing Garden in Looking Glass, two frosted sugar cookies from London, Ontario bakery A Couple of Squares and a large glass jar filled with a half dozen hand-painted cardboard eggs.  Hoppy Easter!

Easter Photo Right Side

Peep This

Peep This 1

Here’s a festive pick from a favourite new-to-me polish maker, KB Shimmer’s Where My Peeps At. That I titled a different Peeps-centric post that exact same thing not too long ago is only moderately embarrassing – I regrettably didn’t know this polish existed at the time, and really, how many Peeps jokes are there in this world? (Edit: As it turns out, there are A LOT of Peeps jokes in this world, as evidenced by the Washington Post’s annual Peeps Diorama Contest in which participants arrange the little marshmallow treats into elaborate mini productions depicting famous scenes from movies, history and current events – and what’s funnier than Peeps re-enacting key scenes from, say, Reservoir Dogs or the charmingly named Peepton Abbey?)

But getting back to the issue at hand (and nails), this is a fantastic polish, a fun, Eastery crelly (ugh, there’s that word again) whose rainbow circle glitter reminds me of jellybeans, although, as always, I do not recommend eating said polish. 😉 Peep This 2

Where My Peeps At?

Where My Peeps At?

Mmmm, sugar and red dye # 8-dusted marshmallow “treats” (in quotes, as marshmallow anything and I are not friends.)

Seeing as I love the idea of Peeps, but not so much the actual Peeps themselves, I thought I’d confine these weirdly crunchy, unnaturally hued Eastertime sweets to my fingernails (a place all bizarre foodstuffs I refuse to eat seemingly come to rest.) For these nails, I made good use of OPI’s Beach Sandies collection, a four-piece mini set whose technicolour shades and slightly shimmery textures make them the perfect polishes to capture Peeps’ saccharine stickiness (a project I had in mind from the moment I saw them, actually.)

These nails also constitute my entry in Nail Polish Canada’s Easter Nail Art Contest. So should you find my Peeps to be sweet and you’d like to toss a marshmallow-spackled vote my way, I would be most appreciative. Thank you for your vote, and as always, thank you for continuing to stop by my little corner of the Internet. You give this blog (and blogger) a larger – dare I say funner 😉 – purpose in life.