Get Sprunged

Lullaby HandThat would be a directive I’m sending out to yesterday’s first day of Spring: You’ve sprunged. Or you were supposed to have sprung. Yesterday. You know, yesterday when it was crapping icy precipitation all over my city in frighteningly frosty minus temperatures? Yeah, that Spring. The same one that also failed to materialize today (-20?!) So it’d be super swell, Spring, if you could work some magic and just do your thing already, because I’m well and truly done with this winter nonsense.

To hasten along the springing, I came up with this sweet pastel mani that features two of my favourite polishes, Pure Ice’s grape soda-hued Playful Purple and CND’s Vinylux holo shimmer in Dazzling Dance, and a not-so-favourite, Cirque’s pastel glitter topper in Lullaby. I say “not-so-favourite,” because for everything that Lullaby has going for it – a perfectly pale mix of hexes, squares and stars in a fine eggshell finish, and all of it in that flawless Cirque formulation – it somehow looks good next to absolutely NOTHING. I’ve layered Lullaby over quite a few different colours (black, turquoise, cherry pink, lilac, green and now purple), but no matter the pairing, the soft, delicate little bits of glitter almost seem to absorb the base colour, blending into the background in a way that runs at complete cross purposes to its function as a glitter topper. Layered over white it pretty well disappears altogether.

I think Lullaby has fared pretty well here over a mid-toned purple, particularly one boosted by a bit of pink shimmer (Dazzling Dance working its purpley-blue magic, which reads as hot pink when you layer it over purple!) That should buy it a bit of a reprieve from being sent off to a better, more loving (or at least less judgmental) home.Lullaby Bottle

A Festivus For the Rest of Us

Festivus BottleI wasn’t a huge Seinfeld fan (the episode where the gang gets lost in a mammoth parking garage with a half dead goldfish excepting) but I always thought I could totally get on board with Festivus, the holiday George’s father creates to go head to head with December’s traditional holiday celebrations. Here’s some tips for getting the most out the Festivus season:

1. Hang your Festivus decorations with care, particularly the centrepiece of any good F-Day celebration, the load-bearing metal pole. You know, like the ones in your basement holding up the ceiling. DO NOT DECORATE THE FESTIVUS POLE. It must remain unadorned. Bleak here is key.

2. Gather your loved ones ’round the Festivus pole. And then beat them mercilessly – yes, actual fisticuffs – as you engage in the traditional Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength.

Sounds crazy, sure, but doesn’t it also sound HONEST? Everyone’s got a shitty holiday story (or two, or three, or…) – sometimes it feels like we’re not very far off from just wailing on each other around a rusty metal pole anyways. Or maybe I’m just attracted to Festivus because it means I wouldn’t have to decorate a tree at all! Perhaps we’ll just decorate our nails instead (got to keep those claws sharp for the Feats of (Nail) Strength.) And the day that amendment goes through, I’ve got just the polish to adorn those claws, the appropriately titled Festivus from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, a super cute everything-and-the-kitchen-sink rainbow glitter that more than makes up for the overall bleakness of the Festivus season, particularly when layered over a cheery, grape soda-hued polish like Pure Ice’s Playful Purple.Festivus HandFestivus Fingers