A Monday Mis-Match

Red Candy Bottle

Kicking off the beginning of another week with this pretty, colourful manicure that, if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t quite match! I don’t often pair this fun glitter topper, Candy Lacquer’s Butterfly Candy, with anything other than pastels – polishes that are any darker than a mid-tone tend to obscure the tinier bits of glitter. But I was looking for a different kind of effect with this manicure – more saturated, and a little more in keeping with the upcoming holiday season. I’m just not sure a rich, raspberry-tinged cerise (Essie’s Plumberry) was the answer (although I apparently very much have fruit on the mind.) This manicure feels, for lack of a better term, clashy. 😉 Perfect for those Monday, Monday blues (or reds), though, I suppose.

Red Candy Fingers

Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb

If someone were to ask me what I thought was the best part of my new-ish nail art hobby, I’d have to say it’s all the pretty glitters. Because the average adult just doesn’t have that many opportunities to bathe themselves in glitter unless they’re Ke$ha. Or a stripper. Or both.

I got my sparkle on here with OPI’s Minnie Mouse-inspired Minnie Style over Essie Plumberry, with a little mouse head accent finger action for good measure.