You Jelly?

You Jelly?

I’m forever looking for new ways to optimize my nail polish stash, which is neither completely insignificant, nor so large and unwieldy it requires industrial storage. All the same, I occasionally find myself with a polish (usually a glitter) that at first glance appears to have a pretty limited (though still pretty!) range of use. I mean, truly, there’s only so much you can do with a holographic glitter topper, right?

Wrong! Because one of the best alternative uses for a glitter is to layer it between multiple coats of sheer polish, creating a soft and sort of squishy looking nail art animal called a jelly sandwich. I’ve created all sorts of fun dupes of more expensive or harder-to-find polishes this way, with the bonus being you can radically change the look of the glitter depending on the colour of the sheer polish you layer it with.

Here I’ve sandwiched a light coat of OPI’s Polka.Com, a teal-and-fuschia-and-blue glitter, between two layers of Sally Hansen’s icy Sheer Bliss. Normally a bit of an eyeball-searer, the white polish takes the edge off the glitter, creating a delicate, almost dainty effect that would be perfect as the backdrop to some spring-inspired nail art.

New Years Eve Glitz

New Years Eve Glitz

Happy New Years Eve, fellow bloggers and nail art aficionados! Wherever you hang your party hat tonight, may you stay safe, revel responsibly and copy these nails for yourself – you’ll be the glitteriest girl at the party!

To get this look, I layered one generous coat of rainbow holographic glitter, Ozotic’s 528, over top of one coat of basic black, China Glaze’s Liquid Leather. Then I created a glitter “gradient” by applying a glitter topper, OPI’s Polka.Com, just to the tips of my nails, spreading it upwards towards my cuticles ever so slightly for that gradual gradient look.


Sparkle and Shine

Well, there’s one way to stress your already taxed-to-the-max iPhotography skills – simply add a shiny glitter, OPI’s Polka.Com, to a shimmery baby pink, OPI’s Princesses Rule!, and watch your camera struggle to both colour-match AND focus!

Sketchy photography skills aside (New Years resolution number one…) this is a fun colour combination that reminds me of mylar balloons at a birthday party.