Tea Hill Strawberry (OMD3)

Tea Collage

Day 29’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge was #mynailsandmydrink, a popular hashtag where lacqueristas show off both their taste in beverages and matching nail adornment. And so for these quaffable nails, I drew inspiration from a bag of black tea I brought home with me from a vacation to Prince Edward Island last summer.

Weirdly, I’ve been thinking about that trip a lot recently. I say “weirdly” because it was a weird, weird trip – I was there for nearly three weeks, helping my mother prep my recently deceased aunt’s house for sale. It was not a fun vacation – definitely more business than pleasure – and yet I had a nice time living (and occasionally vacationing) well, well beyond my comfort zone.

One of my favourite memories from that trip, which occurred right about this time last year, was the evening my mom and I hopped in the shower, scrubbed off all the paint, stain and caulk smeared across our limbs and drove out to New Glasgow, one of the tiniest province’s more picturesque, beachy spots, for a bite of dinner. Not being much for shellfish (if so, there was a lobster supper up the road whose parking lot was OVERRUN) we decided to eat at the restaurant attached to the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company, an incredibly popular spot for tourists and locals alike to find spectacular scenery, Island history and all the sample jams, jellies and mustards you can shove onto a cracker. That’s where I found the tea I used as the inspiration for these nails, the Preserve Company’s Tea Hill Strawberry, a lovely, not-too-berry-ish black tea I drank four cups of that evening as I sat in the restaurant’s bright, open diningroom, contemplating the heavenly meal I had just eaten of scallops, new baby potatoes and buttered veg. It was such a nice night – the weather was gorgeous, the conversation was light and easy and everything ended with a giant slice of raspberry cream cheese pie – and I just think I wanted to bring a little bit of that travel magic back home with me.

For these nails, I took a couple of design elements from the bag of Tea Hill Strawberry itself, before combining two Nfu Oh jellies, butterscotch-hued JS39 and raspberry-coloured JS24, for a clear, tea-type effect on my index and ring fingers.

By the by, if you should ever find yourself on the Island, do swing by the Preserve Company. Even if all you do is stand outside and gawp at the natural beauty of the New Glasgow area, it’ll be worth it. And if you’re not much for travel and/or can’t comprehend a situation in which you’d find yourself on Prince Edward Island, you can purchase the Preserve Company’s products online here, and they do ship internationally.

Tea Hand

The Beave (OMD2)

The Beave

Day 29’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge was national pride, which is a fitting one for me seeing as in the past week, I’ve crossed four provinces in this true north strong and free, eventually landing on Canada’s smallest provincial landmass, Prince Edward Island. PEI is gorgeous – green and verdant, with a whiff of saltwater in the air and beautiful, rolling fields of red earth stretching for as far as the eye can see (although not stretching that far, as PEI at its very widest point is only 140 miles across.)

But sadly for me and these nails, which draw inspiration from one of Canada’s more iconic, tree-biting critters, there are no beavers on the Island. Or if there are, I certainly haven’t seen them. But do you know what there are in droves? Foxes. Slim, rust-coloured foxes with bushy tails and prancing gaits that lounge around the backyard like dogs on a hot summer day. Except they move like cats and seem weirdly unperturbed by the presence of humans (of course, I just found out that one of the neighbours has been feeding them weiners, so no wonder they’re just this side of domesticated. I’d hang around any place that was throwing free processed meat at me, too!) It’s bad enough that while I was outside snapping this photo, taking advantage of the early morning natural light, I kept throwing glances over my shoulder to make sure Mr. Fox wasn’t sneaking up to take a bite out of my hide.

But I don’t know how to draw a fox, and so I went with this beave-tastic design instead (although one could argue that I also don’t know how to draw a beaver, particularly that one on my ring finger that looks like a dog with conjunctivitis.)