A favourite indie polish maker, Polish Me Silly, is a few days away from a big launch of neon glitter toppers, one or two of which already have my name alllll over them.  But until I actually have them in my hot little hands, I’ll just have to make do with frankening together some close-but-not-quite copies that make use of my pre-existing stash.

Here, to get the look of Polish Me Silly’s new black-and-neon Trouble Maker, I topped two glow in the dark polishes, Serum No. 5’s Blue Blazes and Pure Glow Getter, with a mixture of Polish Me Silly’s neon Freckles and Sephora Formula X’s black and white Chaotic.  It’s not a perfect match, but close in this case actually counts for more than just horseshoes and hand grenades. 😉

Just for fun, here are two photos of Pure Glow Getter and Blue Blazes doing their glow-in-the-dark thing.  I had high hopes for Pure Glow Getter, swatches of which showed your standard white polish with a twist – a delicate, lit-from-within effect in the dark that almost looked like shimmering opals.  In reality, it’s temperamental, a touch thick, dries to an almost rubbery finish that will not adhere to other polishes (so forget about using it for detail work) and loses most of its glow the second you add a top coat.  But my disappointment with Pure Glow Getter is outweighed by the awesomeness of Blue Blazes, a baby blue cream that glows blindingly bright turquoise in the dark.  It, too, dries to a vaguely odd, slightly rubbery finish, but thankfully doesn’t succumb to the ravages of a nice top coat like its glowy sister (HOURS after my nails had last seen light they were still glowing a deep, oceanic blue that not even my crapass photography skills could fail to capture!)055068

Glow Get ‘Em

Glow In The Dark

Hey, the 1980s called – it’s looking for its glow in the dark nail polish.  You seen it?  I’ve seen it, of course, because it’s currently all over my nails.  What can I say, I am perpetually drawn to the (glow in the) dark side where all the gimmicky, “I won’t possibly use this more than once” polishes live. 

Except these polishes, far from being flashy gimmicks, are actually really lovely, with super consistencies, beautiful colours, fun glitter and so much glow pigment, your nails will look lit from within for HOURS after a fresh illumination boost (try to remember this when you do your nails right before bed and then wake up, seconds from shrieking terrified nonsense at the tiny glowing oogie boogies that have disturbed your sleep.)

Here I’ve shown two new-to-me polishes, Lac Attack’s Harry Potter-inspired glitter bomb, APWBD (Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore) over top of Serum No. 5’s white cream, Pure Glow Getter.  I’ve been admiring Serum’s glow in the dark creams, shimmers and glitters for some time now, and their recently released spring collection seemed like a good place to begin what’s sure to become an unhealthy materialistic obsession.  In its native state, Pure Glow Getter isn’t really anything too special – a nice, easy to apply white cream that dries to a low sheen satin finish.  But turn off the lights, as Vanilla Ice would “rap,” and IT GLOWS!  My camera/photography skills have proven insufficient in capturing its opalescent glow, but trust me when I say it’s an incongruous combination of eye-searing brightness and subtle, only-visible-in-the-dark “texture” (it’s not textured at all, actually, but when it’s all lit up, it looks almost furry.)Pure Glow Getter LightPure Glow Getter Dark

And over top of Pure Glow Getter, of course, we have the aforementioned APWBD, a glow in the dark glitter topper packed with purple, blue, green and silver holographic glitter (squares, hexes, bars and, evoking the Headmaster of Hogwarts’ spectacles, tiny little holographic half moons.)  Unique, outstanding stuff – just like Mr. Dumbledore himself.APWBD LightAPWBD Dark