Can’t Talk, Stranger Things

Stranger Things 4

Here’s another Stranger Things-inspired mani to add to…oh wow, six other manicures I’ve done in honour of my favourite television show.  You’re living under a rock if you don’t know that season 3 of the hit Netflix show just dropped, which is really where I should be if I want to avoid spoilers.  So not only can I NOT talk, because I am busy watching season 3 – just two episodes in; I really want to parcel them out this season instead of just gulping them back – but I literally CANNOT talk, because I can’t talk to anyone until I’ve finished watching it and/or they’ve also watched it so we can (not) talk about it together.

Stranger Things 3

This super simple, striping tape-enabled mani reminds me of Stranger Things’ opening credit graphics, which are NOT simple – that’s why I did this inspired-by manicure instead of attempting to do the title lettering.  No way was that one going to turn out on my tiny nails!

For this manicure, I used a base coat of Different Dimension’s cherry red holo, Naughty, under a bit of artfully arranged striping tape and two coats of Lilypad Lacquer’s black holo, Rainbows in Space.  This is one of those manicures that I actually prefer in the shade, but you can’t deny that bonkers holo effect out in the sun, even if technically, it’s nothing the Upside Down ever sees.

Stranger Things 1

Prettier Pandora

Prettier Pandora 1

Alright, now this is a bit more like it.  Last post I was attempting some floral nails that reminded me of Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, only they wound up looking more like the ultra shiny wallpaper your mom papered the rumpus room with in 1983.  I think it was the pastel hue I chose as the base polish – a lovely colour to be sure, but it really obscured some of the free-handed and glittery details, all whilst making everything extra super SHINY.

So I said at the time – you know, two whole days ago – that I’d try this design once again, only this time over a dark base.  And here we have her, this time over top of another sparkly holographic, Lilypad Lacquer’s charcoal grey Rainbows in Space.  I don’t think the design is any more clear this time – if anything, all those rainbows in Rainbows in Space are covering up some of the details – and it might be even shinier than its predecessor, but it definitely looks more like Pandora, or at least one of the rides in Pandora, Na’vi River Journey.  It’s an awesome, awesome attraction – a tranquil dark boat ride through a neon alien jungle.  And it all culminates with one of the most spectacular – and nightmare-inducing – animatronics you’ve ever seen, one of those 11-foot tall blue kitty people who bids you adieu with a weird, warbling tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head for the next week and a half.  Disney’s a weird place, man.

Prettier Pandora 2

Spidey Sense

Black Widow Bottle

This cool polish, Lilypad Lacquer’s Rainbows in Space, looks like two totally different polishes depending on whether it’s in the sun or the shade.  Under direct light, its bronze micro-shimmer gives it a rich, almost chocolate brown hue, whereas in the shade, it’s a dusky charcoal grey.

Black Widow 1

Black Widow 3

And the perfect palette on which to display these silver nail charms from Daily Charme.  It’s a little bit of Black Widow mixed with a little bit of Brown Recluse, and it’s Halloween mani perfection.

Spike Strip

Better Stud Strip Fingers

It occurred to me the other day that one of my favourite nail art designs, a chicken scratch sort of knit pattern, also looks a great deal like tire tracks.  So as these things go, twas but a hop, skip and a jump later before I was elbow-deep in lacquered tire treads, here Lilypad Lacquer’s holographic Rainbows in Space over Essence’s Color & Go in Chic Reloaded, a shimmery green-to-grey-to-purple multichrome that (quite appropriately for this manicure) reminds me of an oil slick.

Then because I can’t ever leave well enough alone, and also because my monochromatic tire track design was looking a bit bare, I laid down two silver spiked nail charms right at the edges of my cuticles on my middle two fingers.  Et voila, a spike strip!  Nail art punnage at its finest, folks.  But all the same, just know I’ve got my eye on you, crash queens and moto babies, and drive safe.


October 2015 Bottle

Enchanted Polish’s mystery pick for October 2015 is a black-hued, champagne shimmer-flecked holographic that reminds me very much of a favourite polish of mine, Lilypad Lacquer’s Rainbows in Space. I was initially kind of bummed that I seemed to have another dupe on my hands – nail polish redundancy is something I really strive to avoid. But on closer inspection, October 2015 reveals itself to be a nice alternative to Rainbows in Space, remaining a true black on the nail, something a bit rare with shimmer-enhanced polishes (the copper shimmer in Rainbows in Space, for instance, lends the polish a charcoal grey and sometimes even navy-type tinge in certain lights.) I like that October 2015 remains a pretty solid black on the nail – the better to admire all those pretty rainbows (which you cannot see in these photos, of course, because the sun cares not to visit my apartment at this time of year. Stupid jerk sun ruining my swatching plans.)

October 2015 Fingers Shade 1October 2015 Fingers Shade 2

Bifrost Black

Rainbows in Space BottleThis polish, Lilypad Lacquer’s holographic stunner, Rainbows in Space, totally reminds me of that mystical road of hoop-dee-doo that binds the fabric of the universe or some such crap in the Marvel Universe, the Bifrost. Although, to be honest, the only thing I’ve really retained from repeated viewings of various movies in the Marvel superhero oeuvre is that Captain America’s ass is so, SO fiiiiiiinnnnnne. *Shakes head in disbelief* And I’m not even a butt woman! But good lord, the man should be renamed Captain Ass, because that’s all that matters about his character.

But we’ll go with the Bifrost thing. For those not in the know, it’s a type of trans-universal road that appears mostly in the Thor movies, and it looks exactly like this nail polish. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that keeper of time dude shellacked the entire thing in holographic nail polish during all those off hours when marauders WEREN’T trying to punch a hole through the fabric of reality or whatever. Like I said, I stopped paying attention at ASS.

But getting back to the ass matter at hand, this nail polish, the second of two polishes I recently purchased from Lilypad Lacquer, is, like its periwinkle order-mate, a total stunner. Rainbows in Space lives up to its name, throwing gorgeous, copper shimmer-tinged rainbows all over the place, and as a nice little added bonus, it applies beautifully. I particularly love the way the charcoal grey polish acts as its own highlighting base, bringing out the very best in all that gorgeous holographic shimmer.Rainbows in Space SunRainbows in Space Sun 2

In lower, indirect lighting, Rainbows in Space, with its streaks of copper-hued microshimmer, shows as a wealth of different shades. Here it’s reading as a dark, flannel grey, but throughout the day I also wondered if I was seeing a deep, heathery navy or even an exceptionally blackened teal. It’s a truly lovely chameleon in that way.Rainbows in Space Bottle Shade