She Hoofed Him One!

Dear MeLast year I did a holiday manicure featuring a pair of loved-up reindeer, or at least one very amorous boy deer and his slightly less enthused deer paramour, who, according to the long, meandering story I made up, marched across my manicure, trailing muddy hoof prints as they went, and decamped to my thumb, where the boy deer attempted to get fresh with the girl deer, who socked him one in the eye, hence his one wonky black eye (which is actually the elaborate cover-up story I concocted to explain why he apparently has elephantiasis of the eye or, from my perspective, “you loaded up your dotting tool with too much lacquer”-itis.)

And so I thought it only fitting that I continue the ongoing romantic adventures of my randy reindeer this year with this updated manicure that proves that no matter the circumstances (at the behest of mistletoe or clear out of the wild blue yonder), it might behoove (get it?) this guy to rethink his romantic strategies, because it looks like he’s once again sporting one heck of a shiner (although it’s smaller than last year’s, so progress?) Next Christmas, fella – we’re all rooting for you next Christmas.

Oh, Deer

Oh, Deer

It’s said necessity is the mother of invention. I like to think it’s looking down at your nails and seeing that you’ve painted a giant striped cat fur into your thumbnail AGAIN, necessitating the invention of a completely new design to accommodate the offending feline hair follicle.

Here I painted a couple of lovestruck reindeer onto my thumb. I like to think they wandered onto my nails from somebody else’s nail art, shamelessly tromping all over my freshly painted fingertips before decamping to my thumb for a smooch, upon which the reindeer on the left tried to get fresh with the one on the right, who then whalloped him on the head with one of her hooves, resulting in his wonky black-eyed look. Hey, every nail art has its story. 😉