Purple People Eater

Purple People EaterPolished hands down, my favourite go-to mani is a simple gradient topped with a fun, blinged-out glitter topper. Assuming you’ve got a handle on the gradient technique, it’s quick and easy work for maximum results (and if you don’t have a handle on your gradients, that’s when you lean on your glitter topper – nearly all nail sins can be eradicated by the judicious application of MOAR GLITTAH.)

For these nails that remind me of the pelt of the mythical and fictional (let’s hope) Purple People Eater, I topped an orchid-on-charcoal gradient with one coat of Cinapro’s Nail Sugar in Rock Candy, a purpley-pink and silver glitter polish studded with black hex glitter. I love that despite being quite eye-catching and spackled in a coat and a half of shiny stuff, these nails are actually quite posh. I occasionally paint my nails in ways I wouldn’t care to bring out into the “real world” (hi there, fimo cane decals), but this manicure is a touch more subdued, dare I even say adult? Or as adult as you can get when your nails remind you of a fictitious, human-snacking oogie boogie!

By the by, speaking of serious, adult things, I should note that all of Cinapro’s polishes in the Sugar Rush line house a cool, colour co-ordinated LED light in the cap for the glitterista on the go, although I’ve never used them in any way other than lining them all up on my diningroom table with their lights on and going “Ooooh!” and then “Ahhhhh!” But to each their own!Purple People Eater Hand