What’s in a Name?

Blue Baller Collage

Oh, pretty much everything, you dumb bint – it’s basically why you and loverboy eat dirt at the end of the play as opposed to riding off into the Verona sunset to have lots of sex and babies.

Take this GORGEOUS holographic polish from Color Club, for instance. Somewhere between checkout and delivery I forgot that its name was Crystal Baller (baller indeed; check out that linear holo!) and I started referring to it as Blue Baller.  I was legitimately crushed when I tore open my nail mail yesterday and discovered that its name is in fact Crystal Baller and I am, as always, a bit of a pervert (that came as less of a surprise.)

Baller Fingers Sun

It’s not even like it’s a fitting name either – Crystal Baller is a polish that will never leave you wanting more (ba-dum *ching*!)  Sorry, just had to slip that in on you there (hey-oh!)  Seriously, just give me a sec to finish you off.  THIS!  Finish THIS off.

Ahem.  As I was saying, Crystal Baller is a stupendous polish, and one that’s making me regret having already put together my “Best of 2015” photo collage, because it would absolutely be on there.  In addition to being just a lovely shade of silver shimmer-tinged periwinkle, it applies nicely, provides completely opaque coverage in two easy coats and throws off more rainbows than a box of Lucky Charms.  The holo effect is strong in this one, indeed.  Just a fantastic polish.  I got my bottle through Nail Polish Canada, although Color Club is a brand carried by a wide variety of nail polish stocklists.  The holos do tend to fly off the shelves rather quickly, however, so shop smart, shop early.  No frustrations. 😉