Green and Gold

Green and Gold HandGetting a jump on my St. Patrick’s Day nail art with this green and gold manicure I actually did a couple of weeks ago, which is quite fitting, as I’ve been having some troubles as of late with the whole time-space continuum thing and keep thinking it’s two months later than it actually is. No, really – today I attempted to invite my parents and grandmother to lunch at my home this coming Sunday for Mother’s Day until my mom reminded me – with a great deal of puzzled concern in her voice – that Sunday is not Mother’s Day as we know it in North America with the flowers and the tea and the brunch, but Mothering Sunday, a religious holiday celebrated by both Protestant Christians and Catholics in the UK. So right sentiment, wrong continent. This discovery is kind of a good news/bad news sort of thing – good news in that I haven’t lost two months of my life, bad news that I’m kind of an idiot!

But the good news here is that these glittery nails are still pretty dope, and super appropriate for this coming St. Patrick’s Day. Here I combined Ruby Wing’s mega glitzy gold-to-red UV colour changer, Strawberry Shortcake, with Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s green and gold holo glitter, There’s No Place Like Home. Very gilded leprechaun.Green and Gold Collage

Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Gold at the End of the Rainbow

A new technique befitting my new-ish nail shape, these nails were my first attempt at a vertical gradient. It’s a fun look – and easy, too, although aren’t gradients always sort of fussy? – made a touch sparklier with the addition of a couple of coats of a simple holographic glitter. And seeing as all good rainbows come with a pot-o-gold chaser, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress my pinkie finger nail in a favourite gold polish, Ruby Wing’s colour-changing Strawberry Shortcake.

Love Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Love Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Or so the greeting card companies and Big Candy would lead you to believe, mwahahahahahaha! I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth and I generally find Valentine’s Day to be both a bore and a chore, but one V-Day, after getting rather horribly dumped the month previous, I contemplated rolling a girl on the street for the heart-shaped, red velvet-flocked behemoth of a box of chocolates she was attempting to negotiate down the busy sidewalk. That I don’t like chocolate very much and probably wouldn’t appreciate such a gift was besides the point; she just looked so delighted, presumably with whoever gave her the giant box of cocoa solids and palm oil, and I just wanted some of that happiness to rub off on me. Dem’s dark days in the aftermath of a bad breakup when you’re forced to soldier through your first solo Valentine’s Day without someone to give you crap gifts, let me tell you.

But on a much happier – although still seasonally appropriate – note, we have these nails, a nod to boxed chocolates, and my entry in the Valentine’s Day nail art contest currently being run by Beauty Expression by Luchessa and Polish Aholic.

Here I tried my hand (and index and ring fingers) at the negative space technique, wherein you polish your digits and then acetone-out your design down to the bare, naked nail. Which I actually did here with the little hearts – and rather painlessly at that – until I promptly filled them in with a butterscotch-coloured jelly polish for the perfect caramel “filling,” thus negating the, um, negation. But trust me when I say I did a slammin’ job with the negative space nails. And now that I’ve said it, it shall never, ever happen again! 😉

For these nails I used a veritable bouquet of mix and match brands, including OPI’s super popular off-white, My Vampire is Buff, OPI’s medium brown, A-Taupe the Space Needle, Finger Paints’ rich chocolate brown, You’re Kiln Me, Nfu Oh’s caramel coloured jelly, JS39, and for a dash of sparkle, Ruby Wing’s gold-to-red UV colour changer, Strawberry Shortcake.

(Pretty) Indecisive

(Pretty) Indecisive

I’ve had this polish, Ruby Wing’s colour changing Strawberry Shortcake, for a while now, but polish application skill level and/or a lack of actual sunshine in my neck of the world prevented me from showing it off. But no more! For today there was sun! And in those 47 and a half minutes I did indeed make hay, or at least whipped up these super quick nails.

A gold glitter polish run through with holographic glitter, Strawberry Shortcake is a UV colour changer that shifts from gold to rose-gold to lush strawberry red in about 20 seconds flat. In fact, its colour changes so quickly and dramatically, you’ve got to MOVE if you wish to photograph your work, which leads to all sorts of assuredly concerned looks from any peeping neighbours as you (as in me) leap in and out of a beam of sunlight on your balcony in an attempt to capture its many different colours.

A note: In addition to being glittery and a colour changer, this polish is also supposedly scented. I say “supposedly” because mine smells like nothing so much as straight up nail polish. I may have gotten a bum bottle, as others have reported its delightful cake scent, but I ain’t gettin’ squat.