Sweet Nails, Dude


Looks like Santa’s lighting a fire under the candy-making elves’ butts a whole lot early this year with this polish, Candy Lacquer’s green-and-red-and-everything-else glitter topper, Santa’s Sweet Shoppe. Lame, twee “ppe” suffix aside, Santa’s Sweet Shoppe is the jam, a crazy, yet somehow still cohesive, assortment of holo and satin matte circles, hexes, squares, bars, diamonds and stars in a mix of red, green, white and pastel shades. Here I’ve shown two coats of Santa’s Sweet Shoppe over Enchanted Polish’s Desert Sunset, a pumpkin-hued holo that nicely offsets the paler glitter in this fun, candy-coated mani. Sweet!


Sweets for Santa

Santa's Sweet Shoppe BottleHere’s a simple skittle mani (that’s a sort of “every nail for itself” kind of manicure where each nail is a different colour and/or design) that shows off this glitter topper, Candy Lacquer’s Santa’s Sweet Shoppe, to great effect. This manicure was actually at the behest of Mr. Finger Candy, who figured I’d get more mileage out of the swatching experience if every nail gave the glitter polish a slightly different look. And you know what? He was absolutely right! Time to file that one under the special skills section of his resume, methinks.

I am pleased to report that unlike my last outing with a Candy Lacquer polish, the rather disappointing Penguin Presents, Santa’s Sweet Shoppe is a fine return to form. A truly bizarre mix of matte satin glitters of every shape, size and colour, it’s weird and pretty and makes every manicure look as though your nails have been dipped in sprinkles. And as I’m fond of saying, that can’t ever be a bad thing (unless they’re actual sprinkles, in which case you should really wash your hands.)Santa's Sweet Shoppe Hand