Disney Girl Challenge: Scrump

Scrump Shade

Someone really needed to warn me that Lilo & Stitch was going to be the gut-wrenching, emotional sucker punch that it was.  I watched it this afternoon for the first time while completing these nails inspired by Lilo’s DIY dolly, Scrump, and by the three-quarter mark, I was sobbing so hard – big, heave-y, choked-out sobs – I couldn’t see well enough to apply my topcoat.  I’d easily slide Lilo & Stitch in behind Pixar’s Up in terms of making me lose my shit.  Up will always be number one.  I can’t even think about that movie without tearing up.  Actually, if I was emo enough to post a crying picture, you’d see I’m now doing precisely that.  Gah, Disney, sometimes you suck so hard!

Scrump doesn’t suck, though, so she gets the Disney Girl treatment.  Here I jazzed Lilo’s homemade doll up a bit with a holographic base coat of Glam Polish’s Ladies Choice.  In the movie the poor thing – at one point used as an alien-seeking dolly bomb – is a dingy turquoise-green, but I thought for all her hard work stopping the bad guys and saving the day, Disney styles, she should be adorned with extra rainbow twinkle. Now to go remove the last vestiges of my waterproof mascara, nearly every bit of which I sobbed straight off my face. Stupid Disney!

Scrump Sun