Sew What?

SewWhat Hand

These sort of geometric, sort of craft fair nails remind me of the pillow I made in seventh grade home ec. At the time I remember being quite proud of my sewing machine-enabled stitching skills, to say nothing of the pink and green colour-blocking design I had chosen, but really, by any objective standards, that pillow was SAD. Sad and ugly and flat. Also pink and green, which is a lovely colour combination in any combination BUT the two hues I chose, which were electric neon kelly green and hot salmon pink. I’m not sure how to explain this lapse in my otherwise generally spot-on colour sense except to say that I was using a lot of hairspray at the time to keep my waterfall bangs in place, so I had probably, you know, poisoned myself.

For these geometric nails with rick rack-type stitch detailing, I painted a rainbow’s worth of pastel hues on each one of my fingers. I then blocked off a random third on each one of my nails first with a co-ordinating creme, and then with a close-to-matching holo (all of the holographic polishes I used here are from Enchanted Polish.) If you’re not confident in your ability to draw a straight line, you can do this part with tape, but don’t be afraid to free-hand it – this is the type of design that looks fine a bit undone. After allowing that to dry for a bit, I then marked on some white stitch-type detailing, covering up the lines of intersection as best I could, and then topped the whole thing with one smoothing coat of Seche Vite. Sew easy!