Les Belles Fleurs

Les Fleurs HandOr might that be “Belle fleurs,” as in Belle from Beauty and the Beast, whose entrance-making golden yellow gown I always think of when I use this cheery yellow shade, Pure Ice’s Show Stopper, along with any vibrant pink and green (with just a tiny touch of gold for that little sparkly something.)

Hunny Bun

PoohWinnie the Pooh nails are nothing new around here, nor are manicures that look like food, but what about ones that combine just a little bit of both? For this sticky, drippy manicure inspired by the chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff and his favourite snack, I topped a Pooh-coloured creme, Pure Ice’s Show Stopper, with a touch of sweater red glitter, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Strawberry Shields. I then added a couple of Pooh Bear and hunny pot accent nails before daubing on some sticky-looking honey drips with Orly’s scattered gold holo, Bling. ‘Cause you just know that bear’s a messy eater, and he’s gonna get that honey everywhere. Even so, he’s quite the cutie Pooh. 😉Bling Pooh

Everything is Awesome!

Everything is Awesome!Lego Movie nails inspired by a recent rash of Lego-related activities (watching the movie itself, playing the super fun tie-in video game, having that song stuck in my head for 18 hours out of the day) and a couple of random polishes my mom got me for Christmas, including Pure Ice’s Show Stopper, a perfectly hued Lego yellow creme, and Ardene’s Photobomb, a black and neon blue matte glitter topper. Those two polishes alone remind me so much of the character of Wyldstyle there on my middle finger (how appropriate; I think she’d approve!) that it wasn’t much of a leap to Lego Movie nails featuring everybody’s favourite maybe-DJ and her partner in crime, Emmett. Sing it with me now: These nails are so awesome!