Tough and Tender


For those days when you want your pretty, glittery nails to sport their very own brass knuckles.  Except on your nails instead of your fingers and silver-plated, here a couple of favourite spiky nail charms from Daily Charme atop Glam Polish’s Six Impossible Things.


Six Impossible Things

Six Impossible Collage

Astute readers may have noticed that I have been way off the swatching pace lately. Truth is, my polish purchase power is at an all-time low, as there are very few polishes that have caught my eye this year.  I think that’s just what happens when you already own a tremendous load of lacquers, to say nothing of my “only one of a type” stance regarding my personal collection – I just don’t need (nor do I have room to store) five variations on a pastel green creme.

Then Glam Polish, a favourite Aussie indie, released an absolutely gorgeous and unique collection of glitter-stuffed, micro glitter-packed, holo-infused polishes, and I caved HARD.  Like, four polishes at one time hard – had to hold myself back from snapping up all nine lacquers in the Alice in Wonderland-themed collection, actually.

This pretty pink pick right here is Six Impossible Things from Glam Polish’s recently released It’s Only a Dream, Alice Collection.  Regrettably, one of the Impossible Things would seem to be the ability to take a decent photo of this stunning polish; like all of the truly gorgeous ones, it’s a bit of a wallflower and does not take kindly to having its picture taken.

Impossible Fingers

But in real life, heavens, Six Impossible Things is spectacular!  Fun, sparkly and ever-changing as you move your hands about, this gorgeous glitter polish flashes an icy, rosy pink from the smattering of pink chromatic flakies suspended in its holographic base. A sprinkling of iridescent micro-glitter provides a beautiful hit of colour-shifting fun, while the pale pink glass glitter adds just the right amount of delicate visual interest.  I think Six Impossible Things would actually be pretty great as a manicure/pedicure polish for brides and/or their attendants – it’s that highly covetable “flashy without the tacky” dichotomy blown all to smithereens. Formula-wise, Six Impossible Things applied nicely in three even coats, although it does dry ever so slightly textured, so you’ll want to top this one with a high shine topcoat.

Glam Polish does ship internationally, but with the ever-looming threat of a Canada Post strike at hand, they’ve suspended shipments to Canadian customers until the successful resolution of the situation (BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)  I purchased my polishes through Harlow & Co., an international stocklist run right out of my home province of Ontario. Harlow has done well by me over the years, and vice versa – I’ve never had anything but great experiences dealing with them, and that includes navigating the recent “Will they/Won’t they?” lockout (my polishes were sent via Canada Post; they haven’t declared their intention to strike just yet, although Harlow has alternate shipping arrangements in place should the strike actually go down.  That’s just a fabulous bit of customer service right there, no?  One of the many reasons I love Harlow, and the awesome products they stock.)

Impossible Bottle