Strawberry Banana


I’ve always thought the base polish I used for these nails, Polish Me Silly’s Sizzling Sunset, looks a bit like strawberry-banana yogurt.  In the bottle, the pale yellow-to-warm pink thermal polish really does resemble some of Yoplait’s finest, though I now feel the need to add the hopefully unnecessary warning that one should not, under any circumstances, ingest said polish.  Simply admire from a safe distance, folks. 😉

With that PSA out of the way, I’ll turn to this manicure, a strawberry and banana design that obviously drew heavy inspiration from my belief in the yogurtness of this very non-yogurt polish. It’s a fun design, with the added bonus being that with thermal colour changers, you can mess around a bit with various temperatures (as I did!) to create different cool effects. Here’s Sizzling Sunset as a backdrop to my wee berries and bananas in its warm state (with apologies for the dewy paws; you have to move fast if you’d like to capture the colour changing fun.)020

And here is Sizzling Sunset in its cool state. I love how the fine gold and orange glitter really pops against the pink polish.027

Finally, here’s a little from column A, a little from column B. Accent nails but a few drops of ice water away.Strawberry Banana Half and Half  



Had I had my sick wits about me the last two weeks long enough to blog, that might have been a verb as opposed to a noun – as in, please, someone, could you come and pick me up; I’m sick and being upright has ceased to be an option. Standing? No way. Eating? Ugh, do I have to? And we shan’t talk about either blogging or nail art, the mere thought of which (regrettably) was enough to send me shuffling off to bed for another unsatisfactory, cough-intensive nap.

But after roughly two and a half weeks of listless, medicated existence, I woke up this morning with the desire to do something productive, even if that productive something was as silly as painting my nails with my fun new thermal polishes and posting them to my blog. Plus my husband made me. Something about unpolished hands are the devil’s playpen? 😉

So here’s my first, “Hey, look, my hands aren’t shaking any more!” foray back into the world of nail polish, a simple manicure featuring Polish Me Silly’s yellow-to-pink thermal polish, Sizzling Sunset. Aside from its two beautiful colours (the pale yellow of its “warm” state is particularly lovely against pale skin) this polish is just plain fun, changing to a gorgeous yogurty pink in the blink of an eye when you run your hands under cold water. And yes, I did just use “yogurt” as an adjective.

But whether your hands are hot or cold or you’re just feeling hot because you’ve got a cold, this polish makes for a beautiful, fun and much needed little pick-me-up. If you like what you see, you can find Sizzling Sunset and a wealth of other glittery goodies over at Polish Me Silly’s Etsy shop.