Plum Rain: A Mini Lush Review

Plum Rain Collage

With a matchy matchy mani.  But first the suds!  Which would be Lush’s delicious new shower gel, Plum Rain.

I’ve griped on this blog multiple times about the discord I think there is between Lush’s scent descriptions and the actual fragrances themselves.  Nine times out of 10 everything comes out smelling like powdery orange “drink.”  Or a musty floral I uncharitably describe as “granny’s unmentionables drawer.”

Plum Rain blessedly succumbs to neither issue, smelling precisely like its blend of vibrantly-scented ingredients – tart, juicy plums and a zesty, lime-leaning mandarin. Fans of Lush’s Layer Cake soap – I very much was one – will love Plum Rain; they smell quite similar, like cold, clear, freshly-squeezed glasses of juice.

Being a clear shower gel as opposed to one of Lush’s more colour-saturated shower creams, Plum Rain also doesn’t fall prey to the very real problem of staining the crap out of your tub and/or shower and/or skin, despite its deep and dark indigo hue.  It also made my hide feel a little more scrubbed-down than when I use a shower cream, a sensation I actually prefer – all evidence to the contrary, I’m not much of a product person, and I dislike the feeling of slippery, overly-moisturized skin.

Plum Rain Bottle

Ah, but that colour!  Great enough to mimic in this manicure featuring one of Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquers from January 2015, which is the exact shade of Plum Rain (glittery bits excepted – none of those in here, you glitterphobes.)


Plum Rain is available online and in Lush shops right now.  This 100 ml bottle, which will last me the better part of the year (told you I’m not much of a product person!) retails for $10.95 Canadian.

What a Wonder: A Mini Lush Review


Okay, so I never particularly care for the scent of, well, any of these, and I always have a bit of a hard time watching $7.00 to $11.00 literally dissolve into glittery nothingness in my bathtub in less than a minute, but ding dang, Lush’s bath bombs – fizzy little orbs of multi-coloured sodium bicarbonate tenuously held together with good-for-your-skin essential oils – are just plain fun.  Far preferable to regular old water (although much like dosing your drinking water with flavoured extracts, you really ought to give plain eau de tap a go every now and then; the pigmentation in these things cannot be good for your delicate bits if you’re using them every day.)

But pretty!  And glittery, and colourful, and…okay, so I won’t comment on the smell.  They all smell like powdered (insert approximation of whatever the heck Lush thinks X smells like.)  Weirdly, though, I really like the smell of this pretty little bath bomb, Lush’s Golden Wonder.  Lush’s website tells me its scent notes and active ingredients include lime oil and bourbon extract, which…maybe?  Smells like citrus to me, which I quite enjoy.

Actually, I really enjoyed everything about this bath bomb, from its buttery yellow hue, to its dusting of gold mica, to its secret green and purple core.  I even loved the weird little ghost creature that popped up right toward the end of the bomb’s life cycle, eking out one final, bubbly gasp before dissolving into the glittery gloom.  Really, look at this odd little guy!  I think he looks like one of those swooping ghost baddies from the Super Mario games.  Or Mr. Boo Berry without his hat.  He don’t look like nothin’ now, though, because I sat on his face (in a completely non-sexual way, of course.) 😉


The one thing I didn’t love about this bath bomb was that it, like so many Lush bath bombs I’ve purchased recently, dissolved totally in about 30 seconds flat.  And while I recognize that there’s more to bath bombs than the wow factor (this one was super moisturizing and turned my bathwater the coolest shade of glittery moss green) their main job is to put on a big show.  And when you’ve barely had time to whip out your camera, not drop it in the tub and fire off just a smattering of photos before everything’s said and done, well, that’s not very good value for your money (in this case $6.95 Canadian.)  All the same, the Golden Wonder bath bomb is one I would definitely buy again, should Lush bring it back next holiday season, with or without the little interloping ghost man!


Fall Fun Series: Hand and Nail Care


I’ve mentioned on previous occasions that, quite oddly for a nail blogger or just, you know, a human, I’m not much for beauty stuff on my hands.  Lotions?  Hardly use ’em.  Masks and treatments?  Only every now and then.  Hand creams?  Whazzat?  So when the most recent prompt in the Fall Fun Series called for the participants to highlight a favourite body care item, I was flummoxed – my hands-off approach to nail, skin and body care effectively means I have none!

Then I remembered that I still have a number of seasonally-scented items from a themed box I purchased from Sunny’s Body Products two years ago, and best of all, they’re all in perfect condition – the fragrance oils haven’t gone skunky, the creams bear no discolouration and a patch test raised no red, bumpy alarms.  I’d say these oldies, but goodies, are all cleared for takeoff, to slightly muddle my metaphors.

Fall Box

If you’d like to see what I had to say about the Fall box in its original form, you can find that post here.  Of the remaining items – intensive cuticle oil in Caramel Apple, sugar scrub in Autumn Mums and cuticle balm in Pumpkin Crunch Cake – I’m most excited to press the cuticle balm into action as a super emollient foot cream. And the scent?  Divine. It actually reminds me very much of this white cake my grandmother used to make with hard boiled caramel icing – buttery, pudding-y vanilla.  Oh, yum.  And while I can’t say I loveity love love the scent of the Autumn Mums sugar scrub, it’s pleasant enough and quite tolerable.  And the dabber-topped cuticle oil in Caramel Apple?  A wonderfully-scented version of the only nail product I use with any regularity. A definite keeper.

New-ish this year is a KB Shimmer mani shot in Pumpkin Spice.  Tiny, fizzy bath bombs for your hands, feet and nails, mani shots were a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fad.  I received this little guy as a gift with purchase, which seems about right – I’m not sure I’d lay out money specifically for a mani shot, cute though they may be. But in years past, this is right about the time my hands and nails begin to suffer for my lack of a decent skincare regimen, so I’m willing to give this mani shot a shot, and indeed all of these “lost” Fall items, now on their second lives. 🙂

Monsters’ Ball: A Mini Lush Review


Plus some accompanying nail art, because when the inspiration is this awesome, you have to!  Or I have to. Other things I have to…do?  Perhaps buy another one or two of these Monsters’ Ball bath bombs from Lush before they disappear from stores come Halloween, because they’re the best.  Adorable little shape, super vibrant colours, bright, tangy scent, decently long-lasting effect, gorgeously-hued bath water, tons of moisturization AND not a total beast on the wallet?  This bath bomb is definitely the total fizzy package.  Let’s break it down, shall we?

Retailing for $7.25 Canadian, the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is a limited edition item, which means come Halloween, it’ll be gone.  And I would never recommend stockpiling bath bombs, because they’re perishable, and they lose both their scent and their fizzing power rather quickly, even when stored in a cool, dry, airtight place.  I regrettably know of that which I speak!  And that was just one bath bomb that went a touch skunky after six or so months. I weep for the surely mold-covered Lush “collections” I see people post online with limited edition products from nearly five years ago.

But I digress!  Although while we’re digressing, let’s check out my inspired-by manicure one more time, this time out in the late day sun to take advantage of the pretty, sparkly holos I used for my mini Monsters.


But returning to the bath bomb, this is a super fun and great value seasonal product that’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased from Lush.  I don’t need to point out how cute this little purple cyclops is (he reminds me of a reverse Sully from Monsters, Inc.) but, much to my delight, this bath bomb also smells bloody fantastic.  I have a primarily hate-hate relationship with Lush’s signature fragrances, but the scent of Monsters’ Ball (I’ve heard some people say it’s Calacas?) is bright and tangy, with a hint of citrusy effervescence.  To my nose, it smells exactly like a Sweet Tart, right down to that nose-tingling powered candy note.  Delicious!

This guy’s single eye is a tiny little bath melt, or a super concentrated little pat of emollient oils, so that would certainly account for the incredible job this bath bomb did at softening my skin (and slicking up my tub – safety first.)  That and Himalayan rock salt, which is the third item on its ingredient list.  But we’re not here to talk about soft skin. We’re here for the big bath art show!  So let’s get on with it already!

But first…is this cruel?  This is supposed to be a vegan product!  But he looks so very unhappy.  I mean, his butt and horns ARE being slowly dissolved off; I might be questioning the life choices that led to this moment, too.  Like, say, being a bath bomb?


The colours this guy threw off were amazing – first cotton candy pink and blue, and then a twilight’s worth of dusky purple, turquoise and plum.  Actually, this bath bomb reminded me quite a bit of Lush’s Twilight bath bomb, but a lot more vibrant, and bearing that completely kickass citrus candy scent as opposed to lavender. And just look at the beautiful bath art it produced (with a tiny little bit of bubble-boosting help from Lush’s The Comforter bubble bar.)


And I can’t ask him, because he doesn’t have a mouth (just that single unsettling eye) but I like to think this particular Monsters’ Ball bath bomb liked his contribution to my bathing routine, because this appeared in my tub just moments before the nearly-spent bomb cracked in half and fizzed out altogether.  I’m not crazy, right – that really does look like a heart?  Just trying to look on the bright side here, which is not too hard when you’ve had such a delicious bath.  I’d buy this bath bomb again in a heartbeat, and I hope you’ll check it out, too. 🙂


Fall Fun Series: Please Be-leaf Me


…when I say I intended to post this on Monday when it was originally scheduled, but life got in the way.  Or, more accurately, I was really bagged out from the last month’s challenge activities, and there was no more gas left in the blogging tank.

But time continues its relentless march, and I’ve got a post about leaves to get up.  Or how about just one leaf, like this Autumn Leaf bath bomb from Lush?  It’s quite cute, even if I’m not entirely sold on the rainbow sherbet-like colours for a Fall item.


Scented with citrus and sandalwood, the Autumn Leaf bath bomb smells…like a Lush store.  It is that all-encompassing, all-in Lush scent that I’m really not too sweet on.  My bath bomb was also super, SUPER soft, and the top point of the leaf crumbled to dust the second I picked it up.  Actually, you can see where dusty bits were falling into my palm as I simply stood there taking a photo.

But what of the effect, the whiz-bang, the big show?  Hmm, more like a no-show.  Or a mid-show – this bath bomb just did not have much life in it, letting off a little cluster of creamy, sherbet-hued bubbles before fizzing out in a little under 45 seconds.  It was pretty underwhelming, regrettably.  It also turned my bath the colour of pumpkin bong water, and the moisturizing effect was practically nil.


Ahh, but squishing the almost-used-up bits of bomb between my palms is still one of life’s more satisfying (and weirdly illicit-feeling) sensations, so I smushed ‘er up good. My favourite part is when the bomb continues dissolving in your hands, letting off little bursts of bubbles.


The Autumn Leaf bath bomb is available at Lush stores and online right now as part of their Halloween collection, along with a number of other cute seasonal items.  And while this guy may have been a bit of a dud, I’m excited to try some of their other Fall offerings, because even when they kind of suck, bath bombs are still pretty fun. 🙂

Fall Fun Series: Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub


Sugar scrubs are typically the secret weapon behind any super soft, sweetly scented hands and feet, but the actual secret behind the secret weapon is that they’re ridiculously easy and inexpensive to make at home, using nothing more than completely edible ingredients mixed together and stuffed into a sealed container.  It really doesn’t get any easier than that, with the nice little bonus being total customization; the basic proportions of the sugar “recipe” stay the same, while allowing you lots of wiggle room to scent your sweet concoction exactly as you wish. Heck, you can even tinker with the proportions of the sugar/oil recipe should you prefer a grainier scrub to a more oily one.  This is one very forgiving DIY beauty product, so feel free to play around!

I typically make my sugar scrubs with white, fine grain sugar, but I thought brown sugar, with its extra hit of rich molasses, would make a nice – and definitely more traditional – base for the pumpkin pie spices.   So would you like to make some of your own?  Here’s how!

In a large mixing bowl, mix together 2 cups of brown sugar, 1/2 a cup of white sugar1 teaspoon of cinnamon (or to personal taste, should you prefer your scrub spi-cay), 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and 1/2 a teaspoon of nutmeg.  Add 1/3 a cup of coconut oil and mix well.  You want the finished product to look like damp sand.  And that’s seriously all there is to it!


Lidded plastic containers are the best method for storing your DIY sugar scrubs, because you can lug them into the shower or the bath with you without the fear of too much water damage, but should you be unable to stop yourself from crafting together a cute little Halloween-hued label and stuffing the whole works into a mostly decorative rubber-mouthed glass container, well, who am I to stop you (or myself)? 🙂


With all of the other participants in the Fall Fun Series similarly up to their (now well-buffed) elbows in craft projects, there’s lots of that fun DIY spirit kicking around the collective today.  Should you wish to check out the projects that are either delighting them or driving them absolutely mad (that’s sort of the nature of homemade craft goods, though, right?) you can find a list of their blogs below.

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Twilight Bubbles: A Mini Lush Review

Twilight Collage Again

In yesterday’s bath-themed post I called this Twilight bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics the best one I’ve tried yet, a statement I continue to stand by today.  Twenty-four hours later my skin remains super soft and smooth, to say nothing of the herbal lavender scent that continues to sweetly perfume the air.  A lovely bath time treat. And an adorable one as well!  How cute is this little star-embossed guy?  Can’t go wrong with glittery pink galaxies.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Inside, the Twilight bath bomb is a beautiful mess of turquoise and purple, the overall bath art effect mimicking the sky at sundown.  So pretty, and I can’t deny how much fun it is to swirl the dissolving bomb around, creating all sorts of fun shapes and colours, like a fabulous, beauty-oriented bath toy.

Bonus: Twilight is not as highly pigmented as some of Lush’s other bath bombs.  This doesn’t diminish the effect in the least – I love the cotton candy-hued bubbles – but it DOES mean that Twilight won’t (temporarily) dye your tub (or skin) neon turquoise, a nice touch indeed.

Twilight Collage

The MOST fun to be had with a bath bomb, though – and particularly this one, with its ultra fluffy candy floss hues – is to smush the nearly-dissolved bomb in your hand once it’s cracked open.  It sounds odd, but it’s a particularly delightful sensation, and a bit of a naughty one at that – hastening a bath bomb’s demise seems like something you shouldn’t do, right, given its already pretty limited lifespan?  Nope, just me?  Alrighty then.

Smushed Twilight Collage

The Twilight bath bomb is part of Lush’s regular assortment of bath time goodies – no limited edition nonsense here.  Retailing for $6.55, it’s at the lower end of the bath bomb price scale, another nice touch, as $12 bombs aren’t always in the offering.  Lush, of course, has online and physical outposts all over the world, although I purchased mine here in Canada through  Happy soaking!