Metamorphosis: A Mini Lush Review

Metamorphosis Collage

This bath bomb totally looks like the Death Star, right?  Actually, wait, before any big time Star Wars fans start nerding at me about the placement of the exhaust port amidst all of those little concave notches, I’ll amend my statement to say this bath bomb totally looks like Spaceship Earth, right?!  For those who don’t speak Disney-ese, that’s the name of the attraction that resides within the giant geodesic dome at the front gates of Epcot. The ride is basically a journey through the history of human communications – a very, very slow journey.  It also features some of the most disturbingly lifelike – and just plain disturbing – animatronics in any Disney park (and there really are so very many to choose from.)  But it’s essentially 20 minutes of darkened, seated, gently moving air conditioning, which means there will always be a place for it in Florida.

Anyhow, with its little speckled dimples, I think this Metamorphosis bath bomb from Lush looks like Spaceship Earth.  The ride is sometimes affectionately referred to as The Big Ball of Boring, which is also apt when describing this bath bomb – cool outward appearances aside, this one didn’t have much zing.  Again. This is kind of becoming a trend with my bath bombs, and a highly regrettable one at that – I don’t like it when the insides don’t match up with the super cool outsides.

Metamorphosis Pic

While I didn’t love the scent of Metamorphosis, fans of the Lord of Misrule line (a black pepper, vanilla and patchouli fragrance) will find its spicy scent quite pleasant.  And while I also didn’t love that this bath bomb puttered out in a little under a minute – again – I did appreciate the deeply unusual colour combination, an odd assortment of charcoal grey, mustard yellow, baby pink and, right at the very end, a tiny puff of grass green.

At the moment the Metamorphosis bath bomb is an online-only purchase.  It retails for $8.95 Canadian.

Spaceship Earth (31DC2014)

Spaceship EarthDid you know that’s the name of the giant geodesic sphere at Disney’s Epcot theme park? I knew that was the name of the stunningly boring and kind of creepy ride that resides within the sphere (it’s a super slow moving, 25-minute journey through the history of human interaction and communication, complete with dead-eyed animatronic figures that will haunt your dreams, and riding it is basically an excuse to sit on your butt in air conditioned darkness for half an hour), although I had no idea that was the name of the sphere as a whole. Which is information I could have used before I did a Google search for “big Epcot ball” that led me down some very dark Disney paths! For real, some Disney fans are fur-eeks, man.

I was inspired to do these freehanded Spaceship Earth nails by day eight’s theme of metallic in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. My nail art pen (name withheld) was misbehaving, as always (I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with nail art pens, although you can’t beat them for precision) but despite that, I’m especially proud of the detail work I did on my index, middle and pinkie fingers where I tried to capture a bit of the sphere’s triangle-studded (and – trivia alert! – water draining) surface.