Fall Fun Series: Punkin’ Rock


Yesterday’s prompt in the Fall Fun Series was pumpkins, so today I have lots of sweet squashy goodness for you, starting with this deliciously spicy “bathscape” I pulled together out of some favourite scented wax, a homemade brown sugar scrub and two fun, seasonal items from Lush’s recently-released Halloween collection.

The first order of business was sweetly scented air, which I took care of by melting a couple of cubes of each of the two fragrances in ScentSationals Baked With Love combo pack, Pumpkin Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon-Pumpkin.  This wax was a surprise hit with me, so much so that I went out and bought a second pack, and I never do that.  Inexpensive (about $3.00 for two and a half ounces), readily available (at your local Walmart), long-lasting (I pulled it long before it ceased smelling) and, most importantly, delicious-smelling (both scents feature a really nice spicy-sweet note, with the Pumpkin Sugar Cookie half smelling like the world’s most delicious, pumpkin-flecked carrot cake), this wax was very nearly the total Fall package (the one drawback being that the wax itself was quite heavily pigmented, and it stained my white tealight warmer an indelible, smudgy brown.  I’ll be using my dark purple warmer for this one going forward.)


It was time to break into the bubbly next, which I did by crumbling half of this Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar from Lush into a strainer and running it under the tap.  Lush lists juniper berry oil as one of the Pumpkin’s main ingredients, and indeed, this shimmery little guy smells like a gin distillery.  I have a real hate-hate relationship with gin, so I can’t say I’m hugely fond of the citrusy, woodsy, almost tangy scent of the Sparkly Pumpkin, but I’m willing to take one for the team in the name of bath time experimentation!  This two-use bubble bar runs a pretty outrageous $7.95 Canadian, but that’s Lush for you.


And because no good bath is complete without a delightfully fizzy bath bomb, THAT was provided by Lush’s whimsical little Pumpkin bath bomb.  Bearing a charming Jack-o-Lantern grin, I almost didn’t want to use this little orange guy, but for once, I really loved the smell of the product (mmm spicy clovey cinnamon good), so into the bath he went, with Great Pumpkin prejudice!  And while the Pumpkin, which on the smaller side retails for $6.95 , wasn’t the showiest bath bomb I’ve ever used, it scented my bath with all sorts of delicious, fragrant spices, tinged my bathwater the prettiest shade of shimmery peach and left my skin feeling delightfully soft and smooth (and speckled with gold glitter, but I’m laying that one at the door of the Sparkly Pumpkin.)


Finally, I hopped on into the bath with some of my homemade pumpkin spice sugar scrub to smooth out my rough bits.  If you’re interested in making this super simple beauty craftable yourself, you can find the recipe and instructions here.

Now is the part where I think I’m supposed to tell you to (wah-wah) Fall into the tub, but please don’t do that! I’d prefer it if you stepped in carefully, being mindful of all those slippery essential oils coating the bottom, yeah?  Happy Fall Tubbing. 😉