Bollywood Brights

Bollywood Brights

There are a few different competing styles going on with these nails (flowers, spirals, leafy things), but with their rich, hothouse-inspired palette, the overall effect is pure Bollywood. All I’m missing is a woman in a gorgeous sari dancing in a sun dappled field as she sings a 12 and a half minute-long ode to her lost cow. Or husband? Things tend to get a little lost in translation when I’m blinded by all that colourful flashiness.

Raspberry White Chocolate Swirl

Raspberry White Chocolate Swirl

A beautiful, but temperamental, raspberry-hued polish topped with one of my favourite nail art designs, the spiral. I’m lousy at tribal designs and geometrics aren’t really my thing, but give me a clean, rounded edge and I’m off to the races. I’m like the Frank Gehry of nail art. Here I used OPI’s My Vampire is Buff over top of A England’s Rose Bower, a gorgeous but difficult to wrangle holographic polish the exact rich raspberry shade of a rose blossom.

I’ll note that after I took these photos, I went over the swirls with a textured glitter polish, Zoya’s Godiva, thinking it’d add some great visual interest and a little subtle sparkle. What actually happened was the slight grey tint of the sparkles clashed with the slight cream tint of the swirls, creating an unholy, almost greasy-looking effect that led me to angrily exclaim to my husband, “God, it just looks like someone sneezed on them!” And that’s a reaction you NEVER want to have to your nail art!