Rose Coloured Glasses

RCG Bottle

This is the manicure I wore last night when my husband and I went out to celebrate the 13th anniversary of our first date.  It’s just a simple combination of Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s Rose Coloured Glasses over KB Shimmer’s dusky blue Stonewashed – probably the kind of thing I could have pulled off even 13 years ago, were it not for the fact that pre-date, I was so worked up (positively thrumming with excited/nervous energy) I never could have held a polish brush!  And I wasn’t really into nail polish back then.  This whole nail art business is a fairly recent addition to my life.

RCG Fingers

Ha, except now that I’m thinking about it, I DID paint my nails the night of our first date – black, with blood red middle finger accent nails.  I also wore an Emily the Strange hoodie with cat ears (and, ahem, paw mitts.) Yeah, I was that girl!  Still am, as these are the cat ears I wore last night to go along with this manicure!

Me, with whiter teeth

Happy Hanukkah!

Gold Bottle

Wishing all my Jewish friends a wonderful start to the Hanukkah season. To celebrate the occasion, here’s an elegant, yet festive, manicure. Practically bubbie-approved, and super easy, to boot – just a top-down glitter gradient (Ardene’s Golden Child glitter topper) over a dark and stormy blue creme (KB Shimmer’s Stonewashed.)  May your celebrations be happy ones, friends. 🙂

Gold Fingers Side