Nail Sushi

Nail Sushi FingersWho’s up for a late sushi lunch? ‘Round about this time of year I pull a favourite purse out of seasonal storage, a 15-year-old cloth fabric tote with wooden handles emblazoned in a pale yellow sushi print. I adore this purse, and what better way to show my love and appreciation than by painting a similar type of allover design on my nails (I say “similar,” as I learned my lesson long ago that yellow bases read through any and all colours you put on top of them, particularly stark, sushi rice-hued whites; besides, don’t we love this base polish completely, OPI’s No Room for the Blues?)

And we shall not speak of what happened to the design on my thumb. It was supposed to be a cute little piece of anthropomorphic Tamago, but regrettably, it was more like a Tama-no. Eh, thumbs are overrated anyways! 😉Sushi Purse