I Hate Nature! (OMD2)

I Hate Nature!

Day 26’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge was the outdoors, and because I’m really not all that fond of the great outdoors (I’m pretty much an indoor kitty), I went in a slightly different direction and took inspiration from a favourite movie character whose philosophy about the out of doors is very much in alignment with mine, Chunk from the Goonies.

Don’t laugh; the Goonies is good moviein’. You whippersnappers today would be so lucky to find a beloved childhood movie 1/10th as wonderful as the Goonies (and while I’m in old person lecturing mode, pull up your damn pants and get off my lawn!) I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I spent perched in front of the television as a kid, while Chunk and Mouth and Mikey and Data rode their bikes through Astoria and discovered the legend of One Eyed Willy (don’t you dare laugh!) and battled an octopus, but only in some edited for TV versions (it’s seriously so weird – the first time I saw the octopus battle scene I wondered if I was either hallucinating it right then or had somehow blocked it out the other 8,654 times I had seen the movie.)

But getting back to the challenge at hand, these nails are inspired by Chunk, who escapes the clutches of the Fratellis and is tasked with running through the woods to the road to get help. Chunk’s probably the last person who should be trusted with this very important task, and he proves his worthlessness (for the moment; Chunk’s the big hero in the end) by running directly to a car driven by one of the Fratelli brothers, but not before he cuts through the woods, bitching up a storm about how much he hates nature. I feel ya, kid – nature isn’t my thing either.

I like to think these nails convey Chunk’s general feelings towards the outdoors (although according to my interpretation, he dislikes pigs, trees and butterflies), while highlighting Chunk’s best feature, his all polyester uniform of a Hawaiian shirt and plaid pants (actually, the guy who played Chunk, a guy by the name of Jeff Cohen, told a cute little anecdote on one of the DVD commentaries about how, as a self-described fat kid actor, some directors had put him in eye assaultingly bad Hawaiian print shirts while others had put him in too-tight plaid pants, but never had a director had the creative chutzpah to combine the two before Richard Donner. It was cute.)