Build-A-Polish Workshop


I love nail polish. I love buying nail polish. I probably love buying nail polish a bit too much. However, two years and 300 plus bottles of lacquer later, I’m growing tired of shelling out my money for a tiny bottle of glittery, toxic paint that I will use perhaps twice. I’m not talking here, of course, about the cremes and holos and glitters that I use every day in various types of nail art, more the niche polishes that have one very specific purpose and season in which to shine (I’m thinking here of the glitter I own that looks like a blended Christmas tree – it never looks like anything but a blended Christmas tree. Pretty, but useless outside of the holiday season.)

So when I recently became enamoured with a shimmery, nude flakie polish from Digital Nails called The Dude Abides, I decided to forgo the PayPal transaction and see if I could create my own version using polishes already in my collection. And you know what? I could. And so I did! The Dude Abides (named after The Big Lebowski, a movie I actually LOATHE) is a nude crelly shot through with chromatic rainbow flakies. The PolishAholic has a great swatch of it here.

To get a similar look, I sandwiched one layer of Polish Me Silly’s Party Hearty, a multichrome flakie topper, between two coats of KB Shimmer’s pale nude holo, In Bare Form. In Bare Form is actually quite opaque and covered up a bit more of the flakies than I liked, and so I brushed on one final, light coat of Party Hearty, which added beautiful shimmer and great overall depth. My DIY version of The Dude Abides is a bit glitzier than the original, on account of the extra layer of vibrant, colour-shifting flakies, but I think it’s a better-than-serviceable imposter.


So the next time you’re eyeing up that beautiful, but impractical, polish, take a moment to root through your lacquer collection first to see how close you might be to cobbling together the exact same look from polishes you already own. Your bank account (and inevitable lack of storage; no one has enough storage) will thank you for it!


Pale Perfection

In Bare Form Bottle Sun

Continuing my streak of KB Shimmer polishes, here’s a pretty little holographic gem, In Bare Form.  KB put out a load of holographic neutrals in the first half of their summer release, and In Bare Form, the palest of the pale, is the pick of the litter for melanomanally challenged ladies such as myself.In Bare Form Sun

Nudes can often lean towards the yellow-orange side of the colour wheel, and holographic polishes in particular are usually of the of the jewel-toned variety, so it’s nice to see a flattering nude polish for us ultra pale lasses with a bit of shimmery personality.  On a favourite blog I like to frequent, The PolishAholic, it’s been noted that In Bare Form is a particularly great choice for women whose jobs dictate a less-is-more approach to nail adornment, and I couldn’t agree more.  Sure, out in the sun it’s a rainbow-throwing stunner, but in the shade or indoors, it’s “just” a lovely nude with a subtle, delicate shimmer – conservative, with a bit of a twist.In Bare Form Bottle Shade