Life of Pi(e)

Life of Pie Bottle

I think all of my glittery jellies, like this one, Emily de Molly’s much loved The Unloved, look like pie filling.  So I crusted this manicure up a bit, painting on some lattice-type pastry work using a Whimsy I’ve been getting a lot of enjoyment out of lately, butterscotch-hued Caramellow.

And now I want pie.  This is not an unusual feeling for me – I usually want pie, particularly if it’s my favourite dessert of all time, my mother’s homemade apple pie.  It is SO GOOD and completely unlike any other pie I’ve ever eaten – sweet, but a touch salty, with a mix of about five different apples and tender pastry I’d cross a desert for.  Oh man, now I want THAT pie! The craziest thing of all is if I called and even so much as hinted that I was hankering for her pie, she’d make it and have it delivered to me by midnight (my parents live quite close to me, but still!)  Just one of the many (spoiled) benefits to being an only child – POD (or Pie On Demand.)

Life of Pie Fingers


She’s My Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Fingers

Younger readers are confused right now because they have no idea what that’s referencing, and more seasoned, shall we say, readers are confused because did I seriously just make a Warrant reference? Yes, yes, I did! But what does it say about you that you knew what I was talking about, hmm? 😉 Skeezy metal music, kids. Us olds are talking about our silly old stuff again. I know, I know, it’s wicked tiresome. I swear, one day we will stop talking, just wait.

But for now, I’m going to talk about this manicure, which was inspired by the glitter polish I used here, Emily de Molly’s The Unloved, which I think looks like cherry pie filling. But then again, is there any polish that doesn’t remind me of food in some way? Very few, actually! Then I remembered that I had this adorable little nail charm from Daily Charme that would literally put the cherry on top of this gorgeous manicure. Sweet! Now sing it with me, everybody: “Tastes so good/make a grown man cry/sweet! cherry! pie!” Mmm, cherry pie.

Cherry Pie Bottle

Cherry Pop!

TheUnlovedCollageWatermarkedThere’s no truth in advertising (or in nail polish names) if this juicy, glittery beauty from Emily de Molly is called The Unloved, because *I* LOVE it! With its chunky, mega light-reflecting glitter and squishy jelly base, I think it looks a bit like a melted cherry popsicle, and we all know how I feel about foodstuff-like-stuff on my hands.

The Unloved is Emily de Molly’s berry pink entry in their line of gorgeous, glitter-in-jelly polishes. With its beautiful mix of holo glitter suspended in a vibrant, squishy jelly polish, it behaves exactly like its sister polishes Cosmic Forces (purple), Scarlet’s Red (crimson) and Turbulence (indigo blue), amongst many others. Jelly polishes tend to be quite transparent, even when they’re offered in dark, ultra saturated colours, so two coats are just about always necessary, although I like to add a third coat to really highlight that embedded look jelly glitters take on where it looks as though the glitter is hanging suspended in the polish.