Party Hearty

Mardis Gras Bottle

So it struck me today that on the cusp of my *cough*(inaudible)*cough* birthday, I’m about 1,000 times lamer than my 70-year-old parents, who are at this very moment partying at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  That’s WAY advanced party studies right there – they may as well be in Ibiza!  I’m chuckling at the imagery, but two of us are nibbling on powder-dusted beignets and roulez-ing le bon temps this evening and one of us is reheating last night’s broccoli mac and cheese and watching the final episode of Crazyhead, so who’s winning at life now?  (Possibly me; Crazyhead is wicked awesome.)

At least I’ll always have you, nails, this time a simple, but glittery, mani in some very Mardi Gras shades, Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s There’s No Place Like Home, a green and gold glitter topper, over A England’s purple Crown of Thistles.

Mardis Gras Fingers

A Pre-Paddy Mani

PrePaddy Bottle

More green for you today in anticipation of tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day, when presumably I’ll break out the clover-shaped big guns.  Just no leprechauns, because my Irish mother would flip her curly, brunette lid.  Also beware all references to bogs, shalaylees and colcannon (actually, colcannon, a mixture of buttery mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale, is dee-licious.  Studiously ignore my mother on this point; I do!)

For this minty mani, I layered Enchanted Polish’s pale green holo, March 2015, with two coats of Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s There’s No Place Like Home, a glimmering, green-and-gold glitter.  Perfectly Paddy. 😉

PrePaddy Fingers

Home for the Holiday Cup!

Holiday Cup Fingers

Putting just a little sparkle on the simple red Starbucks cup with two more Whimsies, green-and-gold There’s No Place Like Home over Starbucks Holiday Cup.  Something Starbucks should look into next year, perhaps? 😉

Holiday Cup Collage

We Like to Party Hard

St. Pat's HandAs the delightfully weird Andrew W.K. once said. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! Whatever Irish-inspired tomfoolery you get up to today (including, but certainly not limited to, drinking whiskey, sporting enormous curly hair, dropping the H in certain words so everything comes out as “tis,” “tat” and “the udder ting”, eating a mountain of colcannon, having freckles that number in the millions, picking fights with your relatives, drinking more whiskey, breaking your ass while attempting the two moves you remember from your one (hated) year of Irish dance, hanging out with anybody named Sean, Fiona, Liam, Seamus, Kelly or some combination of the above, running out of whiskey and deciding that five-year-old flavoured vodka mixed with white wine will make an acceptable substitute (it doesn’t) or getting rowdy down at the pub) please keep it safe and responsible, yeah? Pretending to be Irish for the day is no reason to act like you’ve lost your freakin’ mind. I mean, sure, you’re willingly ingesting cheap, domestic beer that’s been “enhanced” with green food dye and probably dancing in public – badly – but there’s no reason to go all the way off the rails now. So stay safe, friends, and party responsibly.

And when the party finally stops (curse the drinking holiday that falls on a weekday), you’ll have no problem hailing a cab with hands sporting this pretty, festive manicure. Here I layered Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s green and gold holographic glitter, There’s No Place Like Home, over a basic black, Pure Ice’s Black Out, and then in a sort of top-down gradient over another Pure Ice polish, a green and gold shimmer called Lucky Charming. Sláinte!There's No Place Like Home Outside

Green and Gold

Green and Gold HandGetting a jump on my St. Patrick’s Day nail art with this green and gold manicure I actually did a couple of weeks ago, which is quite fitting, as I’ve been having some troubles as of late with the whole time-space continuum thing and keep thinking it’s two months later than it actually is. No, really – today I attempted to invite my parents and grandmother to lunch at my home this coming Sunday for Mother’s Day until my mom reminded me – with a great deal of puzzled concern in her voice – that Sunday is not Mother’s Day as we know it in North America with the flowers and the tea and the brunch, but Mothering Sunday, a religious holiday celebrated by both Protestant Christians and Catholics in the UK. So right sentiment, wrong continent. This discovery is kind of a good news/bad news sort of thing – good news in that I haven’t lost two months of my life, bad news that I’m kind of an idiot!

But the good news here is that these glittery nails are still pretty dope, and super appropriate for this coming St. Patrick’s Day. Here I combined Ruby Wing’s mega glitzy gold-to-red UV colour changer, Strawberry Shortcake, with Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s green and gold holo glitter, There’s No Place Like Home. Very gilded leprechaun.Green and Gold Collage