Shrinking (Holo) Heads (OMD3)

Head Shrinker HandMy good friend glitter was the name of the game (or the theme of the game) for day seven in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge. I decided to go with one of my favourite types of nail art, a simple glitter-and-gradient, but I dressed it up a bit with two shimmery holographic polishes and a super fun glittery topper. For the gradients, reversed on my middle and ring fingers, I used Enchanted Polish’s lavender holo, Time to Pretend, and their mint-hued mystery pick for March 2015. But in keeping with the glittery theme, the real star of the show here is Whimsical Idea by Pam’s Head Shrinker, a matte grey and silver holo-speckled topper studded with tiny little black skulls and crossbones. Cute and creepy!Head Shrinker Bottle

Holo Floral

Holo Flowers HandI’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so I thought I’d keep it uplifting and Springy with this all-holographic mani inspired by the print on the Beast’s fireside chair in Beauty and the Beast. Random, I know, but I was watching it recently and couldn’t help admiring its lovely, embroidered floral fabric. Quite the bold choice for the cursed, castle-bound gentleman. It actually makes me wonder if the Beast was in touch with his lovey dovey side right from the very beginning, because it’s just not possible to be a loveless monster with taste in textiles like that. It’s just not.

For these floral nails I used a whole bouquet of holo polishes from Cirque, Lilypad Lacquer and KB Shimmer, but the real standout is Enchanted Polish’s lavender Time to Pretend, the label of which looks very much like the Beast’s woods-and-fog-shrouded castle. Tale as old as time…Holo Flowers CollageHolo Flowers Fingers


Time to Pretend Bottle SunSo it would appear that after a year of being kind of wilfully blasé and absolutely in-denial about my burgeoning nail polish procurement issue (as in I *might* have a wee problem), I have become one of those nail polish people. Because when I got this bit of nail mail, Enchanted Polish’s Time to Pretend, a thank you to myself for a recent spate of extra hard work, I spent about five minutes inspecting and admiring everything from the cute little box it came in (I love their logo; that castle looks straight-up evil) to its mesmerizing rainbow holo and oil slick-type multichrome. Seriously, count out five minutes – that’s a long time to be contemplating the finer points of shimmer ratio to glitter penetration. Long time to be contemplating anything, actually!Time to Pretend Bottle Shade

But as always, I come down on the side of enjoying life’s little luxuries, no matter how inane or silly they may seem. This will come as a surprise to no one, but life is hard, and often feels like an endless round of stock car racing where half the participants are unlicensed goats. Any reprieve from the crazy, any little thing that makes you smile, even for just a handful of rainbow-contemplating moments, can’t be an irredeemable waste of time and happiness.Time to Pretend Full SunTime to Pretend Fingers Sun