Holly Jolly

Holly JollyGlitzy gold and glimmering glitter pair up in this festive manicure, which features a free-handed, merry berry accent nail. And just in time for the holiday decorating, too. Today I tackle THE LIGHTING OF THE TREE, a once-12-hour ordeal I’ve since whittled down to a trim two hours/one and a half holiday movies. My Clark Griswold-esque bouts of Christmas decorating insanity are a story for another day, though, and possibly some professional therapy, and so I’ll focus on these festive nails instead!

Here I used one coat of Orly’s Tinsel, a polish I think looks like the bits of glitter and tree needles that carpet the space directly below a Christmas tree, over three coats of Orly’s glittery gold Bling, adding a wee holly berry accent nail for that certain festive flair. Pretty and pretty darn easy.

Tinsel Time

Tinsel BottleHe’ll be learning of this for the first time upon reading this post, but I bought this polish, Orly’s aptly named Tinsel, mostly to placate my husband, who declared it awesome and worthy of joining the Finger Candy nail polish stash. I wasn’t totally convinced, though. I like polishes with an overabundance of visual interest, and Tinsel seemed a bit…plain. But on a recent trip to Sally Beauty Supply, the equation worked out something like this: Desire + availability – willpower = bought and sold and coming home with me! My husband would be so pleased at how very little resistance I put up to this one (because, come on, at the end of the day it’s still new nail polish, and that’s rarely, if ever, a bad thing.)

But as it turns out, my reticence was for naught, because Tinsel is actually pretty great (don’t tell Mr. Finger Candy; it’ll just go to his head.) A simple mix of green bar and red hex glitters in a clear base, Tinsel is deceptively pretty and looks exactly like the festive mess of tree needles and Christmas ornament glitter that winds up spread across your home from pillar to post every December. I think I’ll find quite a few uses for it over the holiday mani season (because let’s not fool ourselves too much here – Tinsel is beautiful, but it is a holiday polish through and through.)Tinsel Hand