A Springtime Pick-Me-Up


It is of course no such thing as The Spring.  Where I live (eastern Ontario) it’s still firmly winter, and will remain that way until my birthday, which is in the middle of April.  Any snowfall after that date sends me into a rage spiral, but until then, I can and will deal.

But my city has also been enjoying a rare break in the chill, with temperatures soaring to and remaining well above the freezing mark for most of the last week.  What a sad benchmark for acceptable weather – above freezing!  I was joking with a friend who lives down south that this is exactly the kind of weather that prompts some of the city’s, uh, heartier types to don their bikinis and then have the local paper take glamour shots of them on the beach surrounded by freezing cold sand and half-thawed chunks of shore ice. Like clockwork, every year!

Also like clockwork?  That I’ll use these adorable little floral nail charms in a manicure at least every few months.  I love how adorably unwieldy they are – I really can’t see them working in everyday use, even if you Krazy Glue-d them to your fingernails.  But in an of-the-moment mani?  So cute, especially when they’re paired with a soft and springy glitter polish like KB Shimmer’s To Peach His Own.


What a Peach! (OMD3)

Peach HandI think these glittery nails for day two’s theme of peach in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge are, to drive a pun straight into the ground, just peachy! I like the little blushing peach on my ring finger, but what really makes this mani extra meta is the glitter polish I used here, KB Shimmer’s To Peach His Own (although in the shade and and against my ultra fair skin, it does take on a rather nude look.) I really love To Peach His Own, a release from KB’s Spring 2015 collection, but, like so many glitters, it really does have only so many applications outside of occasional general wear, so I was glad to find a purpose for it, both in terms of appearance and pun-ability!Peach FingersPeach Bottle

You’re a Peach

To Peach His Own BottleHere’s a colourful polish to put a bit of Spring in your step this cold February morn. This is KB Shimmer’s To Peach His Own, a paler than pale peach crelly sprinkled with yellow, periwinkle, hot pink and lime green holographic glitter. I’m always the first one to point out when a nail polish looks like food, and To Peach His Own is no exception – it looks like it’s studded with tiny little Easter jelly beans!

KB has produced some truly beautiful colour combinations in the past (we really don’t need to talk about their formulations, because they tend to be rock solid), but I think the polishes that belong to their recently released Spring line – To Peach His Own included – are some of their best. I particularly like how the just-this-side-of-nude peach base blends in almost seamlessly with my ultra pale skin tone (some call that effect “mannequin hands”) while the multi-coloured glitters sparkle gently. It’s a very delicate polish, and one that, unlike a lot of my stash, can be worn to work or other more serious social engagements. I think To Peach His Own would make an exceptional bridal polish, or a fun pick for bridesmaids seeking matching pedicures. And then, of course, just everyday wearing around the house, because sometimes you just need a springy pick-me-up!To Peach His Own Bottle 2To Peach His Own