Throwback Chevrons

Chevron HandThere’s lots to look back on fondly with this manicure I recently did that not only uses a glitter polish that predates my interest in nail art, Nails Inc.’s Special Effects Sprinkles in Topping Lane, but also features a chevron pattern in the exact design and colours as this blog’s first background wallpaper. It is a look that did not last for long. Although I love the crisp tidiness of a chevron pattern, especially in a pink, navy and white colour combination, it strobed harder than one of those anime seizure movies, and I thought it prudent to maybe not induce vomiting in my readers every time they attempted to scroll down the page! Small blogging tip for you there – don’t make your readers hurl.Chevron Bottle


I (Heart) Pink and Navy

I (Heart) Pink and Navy

Best colour combo ever, says I.

There’s not much to say about these nails but for the fact that the sprinkly pink I used for the hearts, Nails Inc.’s Topping Lane, is a dream to work with and *may* have been the nail polish that set off my current obsession with nail art, as I am powerless in the face of a really pretty rose-hued anything.