Sprinkled Waffle Cone

Sprinkled Waffle Cone HandCandy Lacquer’s ultra fine rainbow micro glitter, Tropical Sugar, is the perfect finishing touch on these dipped-and-rolled nails that look like sprinkled waffle cones. And now that I’m thinking about it, I just realized that I haven’t actually eaten my ice cream in a cone in about 25 years. I’m a terrible dawdler when it comes to eating (when I was a kid taking my sweet ass time lingering over the last morsel on my plate, I apparently called it “savouring”), and so the soupy bits in the bottom would destroy the structural integrity of the cone, and next thing you know, I had a lap full of melted ice cream. Best to keep the mess confined to a cup, as well as my nails!Sprinkled Waffle Cone Bottle

Funfetti (Not) For Me

Tropical SugarPotentially controversial confession: I really despise any dessert-type dish that is flavoured like cake batter (without actually being straight-up cake batter) or which could be said to contain “funfetti.” True, rainbow sprinkled food looks awesome, like fairies dumped a metric ton of fun dust all over your breakfast. I was just admiring a woman’s diabeticalicious sprinkle pancakes on Instagram the other day, and I did frosted donut-type nails just yesterday, so I’m clearly not immune to the charms of rainbow sprinkles. But funfetti? That sickly sweet, ultra cloying chemical animal whose taste can most charitably be described as caramelized margarine? Heavens, no. Can’t abide the stuff.

But do you know what I do love? This funfetti-ish jelly sandwich manicure I created using Candy Lacquer’s rainbow sprinkled Tropical Sugar glitter topper. I typically don’t go in for teeny tiny glitters, passing them over in favour of big, chunky glitter toppers that take three days and an industrial sander to chip off my nails. But Tropical Sugar, with its vibrant mix of rainbow colours, is nothing but ultra tiny micro glitter and so different from most of the bigger-is-better offerings out there, I just had to have it.

Here I’ve shown one coat of Tropical Sugar between two coats of Essie’s Adore-a-Ball for a sort of frosted funfetti look. Owing to the sheerness of the base polish and the single coat of glitter, you can still see a tiny bit of my nail line here, but Tropical Sugar is a dense, glitter-packed polish, and you can absolutely get it opaque in two coats.Tropical Sugar Hand