Sweet and Simple

Pink Stripes 1

I got a bit screed-y in my last post, and while I stand behind the sentiments expressed therein (TL;DR – Canada Post sucks) I don’t care to continue lingering in that frame of mind.  Since my kitty passed away not quite two weeks ago, I’ve been mired in a sea of fretful unhappiness, and I desperately need a break from the heartbreak.  I don’t need to make it worse by freaking out about the mundane and expected (that Canada Post sucks.)

So that’s what led to this simple manicure, my first attempt at any sort of nail art-ing in about a month’s time – I just needed to get out of my own riled-up mind for a second or two.  Here I used nothing more complicated than the polish brushes themselves to swipe on first one stripe of KB Shimmer’s Blush Money and then one stripe of KB’s glittery Turning Pointe over a sheer nude base.  Pretty in a monochromatic sort of way and not too difficult, ideal for my first foray back into some more arty, less teary and rage-inducing, endeavors.

Pink Stripes 2

Rose Gold Mickey

Rose Gold 3

Rose gold anything is currently THE jammiest of the jams down Disney way.  Whether it’s glittery Minnie ears, teeny little mini backpacks, cupcakes, macarons and churros or those weirdly misshapen spirit jerseys (“spirit jersey” is apparently fashion speak for a gigantic sweatshirt with zero tailoring) rose gold is well represented in the parks and beyond.  This ballet pink polish, KB Shimmer’s Turning Pointe, is THE rose gold ideal; if they sold it in the parks (or at one of the cute little boutique beauty stores in Disney Springs) there’d be lineups out the door for this blush-hued beauty.

Rose Gold 2

I’m not quite so sold on the whole rose gold deal.  My phone is actually in rose gold, although you’d never know it; it’s typically enrobed in a fetching protective ensemble of neon pink and turquoise rubber.  But when it comes to the Disney stuff, I wasn’t too crushed when I couldn’t find any rose gold Minnie ears when we were there at Christmas; not too surprisingly, I prefer the ones with, I dunno, donuts for ears or a giant cupcake right on top in the place of a bow.  I mean, if you’re wearing mouse ears in public, wear mouse ears in public and staple some sort of foodstuff to your head.  You know it’s what I’d do (um, it IS what I do!)

Rose Gold 1

I’m also trying something new this week, or new-to-now – daily posting and daily nail art.  I’m out of practice on both and I miss my little lacquered corner of the sky; time to pay it some much-needed attention.  A demain, friends.

Turning Pointe


I danced for a long, long time in my younger days, and I can confirm that toe shoes – the inspiration for this polish, KB Shimmer’s ballet pink glitter, Turning Pointe – are an absolute nightmare.  I was no slouch in my dance classes (actually won a couple of awards for my efforts throughout the years) but I never felt less graceful and daintily light-footed than when I strapped on my toe shoes.  And “strapped” is just the right word, too – rose pink satin ribbons slicing into my ankles, murderous little toe boxes squeezing the life out of my piggies…it always felt like the shoes were working against me, like I had to heave myself up and en pointe around them.  Professional ballerinas do themselves a great disservice by making it all look so effortlessly light, but I know better!

Turning Pointe, another lovely Christmas gift, is one of KB Shimmer’s mega flame holographic lacquers.  In layman’s terms, that means it’s a big old sparkle-a-palooza. And what a shimmering beauty she is, too, stuffed to the brim with holographic micro glitter in a super flattering ballet pink base.  Just gorgeous.  Also opaque in three light coats, and available (along with a number of its equally beautiful collection mates) through Harlow & Co.