Up, Up and Away (31DC2014)

Up RainbowToday’s theme in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, rainbow, is a fun one, and never fails to inspire some amazingly creative works of fingertip art. I can’t speak for all the nail artists and bloggers out there, but my rainbow designs are always, without exception, my most popular and well received, to say nothing of the joy I get from using 20 different colours in one manicure. I have this not-at-all-tested theory that as magpie-like humans, we naturally gravitate towards multi-hued items or, in the case of commerce, displays that utilize the full spectrum of the rainbow. It just seems to be a pleasing arrangement of colours for most people, and the reason you selected a red sweater and a pink sweater from that rainbow-hued stack on display at the store, only to get home and realize that you bought a red sweater and a pink sweater and nothing more (no, I’m the only one?)

As I’m still taking a Disney-centric approach to the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, I thought I’d look to a favourite hated movie, Up, and specifically the bunches of rainbow-coloured balloons grumpy Carl presses into action in order to set his beloved house aloft and on its way to Paradise Falls (I say “favourite hated” because it really is such an adorable movie with a great heart and stunning graphic design and all that other good stuff I never notice because I’m too busy sobbing like a lunatic from the gut-punch that is the first 10 minutes.)

Up, No Strings Attached

Up, No Strings Attached

This manicure started in one place and wound up in another entirely. Or I should say it started in no place, as I had no plans for anything other than the colour palette – neons – and my desire to do as much as I could with nothing more than a double-ended dotting tool.

Five fingers’ worth of eye-searing neon dots later I took a step back, regarded my efforts and concluded that I had rather unknowingly recreated the balloon design from the Disney Pixar movie Up…just without the strings! There’s undoubtedly a lesson to be learned here about not tethering yourself to one artistic vision, of learning to spread your wings and fly, so high, or some such treacly nonsense, but I’ll simply remain content with having created a really cute manicure, even if it was nearly totally accidental! 🙂

Disney Girl Challenge: Ellie

Disney Girl Challenge: Ellie

Sweet little redheaded Ellie, love of grumpy Carl Fredricksen’s life, is the character on which I based these nails from Pixar’s Up. Strangely enough, being bent over my nails approximately an inch from noxious chemicals produced fewer tears than the actual movie, which just slays me. The first 15 minutes are devastating, and when I begrudgingly remember that it’s actually a pretty terrific movie and I really should watch it again, I always wonder if I could get away with starting it around chapter 2, or even 3. Chapter 4 would probably be best. Actually, you know what? I’ll just go on YouTube and find a compilation reel of nothing but the happy bits. It’ll be 11 and a half minutes long at best, but that’s probably the most prudent thing for my sanity and my tear ducts!