Still Stuck in Vacation Mode

Disney at Christmas Collage

Hello friends, just a quick update to let you know I posted a new vlog over on our YouTube channel, Park or Perish!  Fun reminders of an awesome vacation aside, I have loved putting together these picto-videos; I may have a journalism degree, but my forte is not, and has never been, audio-visual media.  So I’m beyond pleased that over the course of a few weekends I’ve been able to work through the basics and not-so-basics of a couple of different editing programs, turning out some not entirely unfortunate end results!  At the very least we have some slickly edited videos with which to bore our friends.

To that end, this post is also a mea culpa, and an apology.  I do believe I remarked some posts ago that the launch of Park or Perish! would put an end to my incessant Disney chatter over here on my blog.  But I’m clearly still talking about Disney, only now I’m doing it vocally and visually, as opposed to boring you silly with the written word.

I just have been completely unable to totally (or even really partially) disconnect from holiday vacation mode.  Like, I know I have to come back down to earth eventually, but it’s not going to be any time soon.  And it’s made all the more complicated by the fact that we’re actively planning our next trip; makes it quite hard to turn off when you’re gearing up for the next big adventure.

So with apologies to those who no longer wish to share in my Disney obsession, and with thanks to those who do, I’ll link to our video, in which I offer up a few useful tips for girding your sanity at Disney during the busy holiday season.  I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for watching and (mostly) understanding that the Disney stoke – it’s very real! 🙂



YouTube Nails

So this is kind of new and potentially sort of embarrassing, but guess who has a new YouTube channel?  This blogger!  And her husband.  It’s called Park or Perish!, our rallying Disney cry, and it will document our Disney adventures (among other hopefully fun things) so I can stop bothering you all with it over here!  VIC-TOR-EE!  Plus you’ll also get to see our first hesitant attempts at filming, vlogging and video editing, so that’ll be fun and enlightening. 🙂

So if you’d like to put a voice and a constantly moving face to this blogger/vlogger (seriously, I never realized how very elastic my face can be while I’m talking, which I also do constantly.  Whilst making weird faces and doing all sorts of odd things with my voice.  Filming myself has been very eye-opening in some regards!) please do stop by our burgeoning little site, we’d love to share the fun with you. 🙂

Disney Girl Challenge: The Jenn Tracker (31DC2015)

Jenn Tracker Hand

Coming at you today with a slightly outside-the-box Disney “princess,” YouTuber The Jenn Tracker! TheTimTracker is the name of the vlog she and her husband Tim run, which chronicles their adventures in and around central Florida. They spend a lot of time tromping around Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens or one of the other innumerable tourist attractions in their home state, although I like the videos of their Disney visits the best. There’s always some little tidbit of insider-y information to be gleaned, and Jenn always takes the opportunity to don a fly pair of Mouse ears, like the Minnie ones I’ve set on mini Jenn’s head in this fun, inspired-by manicure. Best of all, she and Tim seem like really nice people – funny, friendly, easy to relate to. It’s always a pleasure to drop in on their lives.

These nails are actually my entry towards day 10’s theme of gradient in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. Jenn is naturally a blonde (I’m talking about her like I know the woman, although I’ve watched her eat about 50 plates of scrambled cheesy eggs whilst wearing a mud masque, so I suppose I sort of do?) but she’s dyed her hair a couple of very cool, mermaid-type colours over the past few months, including a top-down turquoise gradient and a fun, lilac-to-lavender gradient, both of which I recreated on my index and ring fingers. And on my pinkie I’ve got a little lacquered shout-out to Tim’s mustache, a facial accessory that would send far less tolerant spouses running for the hills (to each their own, but mustaches aren’t quite my bag) but which she seems perfectly cool with. Which is really quite sweet in and of itself. Like I said, nice people. Check out their channel sometime and see for yourself. 🙂