Violet Jump-Ups (31DC2016)


These were supposed to be violet nails for day six’s theme of violet in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge (actually, they’re supposed to be this purple and green Waverly fabric (and wallpaper, and matching border, and frilly bolster pillow, and…) I was obsessed with as a kid, hence all the green in these supposedly purple nails) but they came out looking more like Johnny Jump-Ups.  Which is actually quite fitting, as Johnny Jump-Ups are an incredibly invasive – but adorable! – species and they tend to run allllll over anything they’re planted near, beside or in the approximate vicinity of.  Including apparently my nail art!

And yeah, I was totally the kid that lusted after co-ordinated floral textiles.  Laura Ashley was my jam when I was little!  Cabbage roses everywhere

Coral Print (OMD2)

Coral PrintDay two’s theme of coral in the Oh Mon Dieu 2 nail art challenge very nearly led me to recreate some super fun and well-received coral reef nails I did last week (“Hey look, it’s the, um, backside of the reef!”) Despite the fact that they were one of the best nail art designs I’ve ever done, cranking out a second coral reef felt like an unnecessarily lazy answer to the challenge theme, and so I went with something once again inspired by all that gorgeous underwater life, but this time in a patterned fabric-type design (come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Waverly has a printed cotton fabric in this exact same design. Hmm, same colours, too. Cripes, let’s hope the Waverly trademark lawyer goons don’t show up to break my thumbs, because then I won’t be able to blog!) 😦