Fall Fun Series: Colours of Fall


Those colours coming from Fall leaves, of course, which – wonder of natural wonders that I’d probably have to be a scientist to understand – are still clinging to the trees in my part of the global woods, weeks (and one nasty little snowstorm) beyond when they should have long skipped town. This is probably some evil portend of impending environmental doom, but I’ll take it when the view, both on my nails and off the balcony, is this spectacular.

Still, it’s hard to deny that winter is indeed on its way, especially when you compare today’s view across the Ottawa River with one from two weeks ago (cue The Byrd’s Turn! Turn! Turn!)



Go Fly a Kite

Go Fly a Kite Fingers

It was very windy this afternoon – would have been a beautiful day for it. ūüôā

And because people nearly always ask, because it is an unexpectedly gorgeous gem of a polish, the blue base lacquer I used for this manicure is Pure Ice’s Celestial. ¬†$1.97 a bottle at Walmart and one of the first polishes I bought when I started quite intensively getting into nail art. ¬†Slightly shimmery – although nothing so tacky as a frost – Celestial is deep and rich and applies like butter (that’s an expression I actually use quite frequently; good thing I am well acquainted with the fact that anything that can be described as buttery is awesome, because butter is the best stuff on earth, FACT.)

Hot Dots

Hot Dots Fingers

Because it’s hot, and these are dots. ¬†Oh crap, or at least it was hot as of this morning. Then it really cooled off fast. ¬†Ah, nutso Ottawa weather, never change. ¬†No, wait, do change! ¬†Or not, because the rapid fire change in temperature is what has so befuddled me in the first place.

I’m very confused. ¬†I think I’m going to go to bed now. ¬†Also, as always when I dot a bunch of multi-coloured polishes over a white base, these nails look like clown pants.

Sunday Sparkler

Disco Ball Bottle

Hoo boy, another day’s temperatures projected to be above 30 degrees, this time with a pretty great chance of rain – you know, one of those summer storms that seems to heat things up more than it cools them down? And yes, I know it’s still technically spring, but tell that to the weather.

And my nails, which are jumping straight into summer with this very sparkly and simple mani featuring Finger Paints’ Colorful Collage, a name that sucks just tremendously. Clearly this polish should be called Disco Whistle. ¬†Why does no one ever consult me on these things?!

Here I paired…sigh…Colorful Collage with Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Show Steel-er, a light grey creme, to brighten up them grey skies. ¬†At least I can do that, even if I have zero control over the temperature… (narrows eyes) yet.

Disco Ball Fingers Shade

Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket Collage

Over the span of about eight overnight hours, my city went from cool, sweetly-scented springtime glory to dank, humid cesspool. ¬†Summer arrived in a big, bad way this morning, and it’s already disgusting. ¬†And because I live in a condo managed by a bunch of old ladies who never got over the high school urge to mean girl one another, thus leading to many poor fiduciary decisions, such as whatever snit fit led to our heaters – freaking uncontrollable from within our units, by the way – continuing to be cranked to 11 at the end of May, we are sitting in +30 degree weather WITH THE HEATERS ON. ¬†So now we have both our air conditioner AND our heat PUMPIN’. ¬†Carbon footprint? ¬†Pfft. ¬†Besides, this is just making up for the snit fit last year that led to the entire building’s heat not being turned on until mid-December. ¬†I’m Pauly Shore’s burrito in Encino Man – hot on the outside, icy cold in the middle (“What’s a Pauly Shore?” said so many people.)

Back to the nails? ¬†Yes, let’s. ¬†This is Contrary Polish’s Beach Blanket, a fitting name for such a muggy day. ¬†I’ve had this polish for a while, but I don’t believe I’ve ever given it the swatching treatment before, shame on me.

Beach Blanket Fingers

Beach Blanket is a jelly-type polish, and so it’s quite sheer – this one will require at least four coats if you’re twitchy about visible nail lines. ¬†Dusted with fine purple shimmer, Beach Blanket takes on a cool speckled look in the shade – combined with its lush red hue, the overall effect is very juicy strawberry. ¬†Lovely.

Beach Blanket Bottle

Four Seasons (OMD3)

Four Seasons Hand

Weather is today’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge (stop to marvel for a moment at the fact that I’m posting a mani on the same day as its actual prompt) and so I thought I’d take one lacquered tree through all four weather-laden seasons we experience around my province, with a special thumbnail nod to the weather we seemingly experience the most, crapass, icy cold precipitation.